Cleaning and Decorating Home Decor Ideas This Halloween 2019

The terrifying night of the year is approaching, and you will surely be invited to an event. Moreover, you may be devising a Machiavellian plan to surprise your guests at your party, so in this article, we will help you organize it and show you the necessary Halloween decoration so that your party proves to be a success.

Moreover, the next day after the party, you would want to clean up your house. To make the process easier, you can call the cleaning services using a cleaning app.

History of Halloween

Before seeing the decoration for Halloween, we will briefly explore its history. It is a celebration of pagan origin, which is celebrated on the occasion of All Saints Day (night from October 31).

It has its origin in areas of Ireland, England, Scotland, and France and was celebrated by the Celts on the occasion of the end of the year of Samhain, lord of death.

Decorating Ideas for Halloween

The first thing to choose to know what decoration for Halloween to use is the theme since depending on it requires a different decoration. If you want to make a party of witches, of skeletons, that everyone is equally disguised, that they only wear masks. This way, you can choose your decoration theme.

Pumpkin Lanterns

Look for some templates to trim or paint creepy faces on pumpkins and lend a traditional yet spooky touch to the party.

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Table Decoration

If you are preparing to rejoice Halloween with a party, receiving friends, or just with family, in addition to decorating the house, you should think about how to decorate the table, adding some macabre touch like this dark centerpiece with plastic spooky ghosts.

Decorative Globe with Spider Design

Go for giant, colorful, and fun cartoon spider-shaped balloon for all kinds of Halloween-themed parties or events. The body of the globe is adorned with eight plasticized strips that give it more stability and resistance.

A huge spider made of plastic and tough adhesive tape. You can place it in any space you have available in your home as it adheres well to the walls, the ceiling, or even the curtains.

Decorative Garlands of Hanging Knives

These decorative garlands have a fun design in the form of knives, scissors, and sharp objects. Each piece is dotted with a dark red, non-toxic pigment that resembles bloodstains.

The full banner has a total of 32 different figures that complement any Halloween decoration. The item features a tough 7.5-foot rope.


You can illuminate the entrance of your house with flashlights made with simple paper bags to welcome frightening messages to those who dare to arrive by treats. Another simple way to decorate with lights and shadows with amazing results, just by interposing silhouetted black cardboard between the candle and the wall.

Halloween Furniture Decoration

You can cover the furniture with black and sheets to replicate an isolated haunted house. You can even put some talcum powder on the layers to create a cloud of dust when your guests feel.

You can make silhouettes of bat, witch or black cat on cardboard to hide in the corners or your windows. And enjoy a scary party!

Gothic Curtains and Walls

You can embellish the curtains with terrifying pictures of skulls, coffins, knives, spiders, and other horror objects. Red, black, and white will make a perfect color combination. How could you forget about “Pumpkin”? You can deck up with walls by pasting the pictures of pumpkins with horrifying faces. This will give a new dimension to your Halloween party decoration.

Cleaning Ideas after Halloween Party

Since you have had a lot of fun spending your Halloween party at your house, the next task which comes is of cleaning. Cleaning requires most of your efforts. These are some of the ideas which can save time as well as efforts to clean up your house.

  • You can call cleaning services using a cleaning app.
  • You can make prior adjustments in your decoration, such as covering the sofas with a white sheet. It will not only keep your sofa clean, but all will make sure that your décor has a Halloween touch in it.


October is the month of Halloween, one of the most anticipated celebrations for both children and adults. Like every holiday, it is an excellent opportunity to share with friends and decorate your home with decorations that add a fun touch and turn your house into a place of terror. The most important thing is never to forget that to achieve the right decoration it is not necessary to spend a fortune, and we show you here with these cheap ideas for your Halloween party. Therefore, these cleaning and decorating Home Decor Ideas This Halloween 2019 will enhance your Halloween celebration to another level.

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