6 Exotic bathroom spaces you will love at the end of summer

If you’re not in an exotic trip you might as well choose an exotic bathroom space for your dreamy home. Think about fabulous prints, green plants and relaxing elements and make with them a gorgeous space. Here are six stylish ideas that will inspire you:

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1. A tiny jungle

Make your tiny bathroom a small jungle filled with wild prints, relaxing furniture and deco items and a lot of oversized green plants. The coolest elements you can pick for this space are a wooden leather to store your towels, a wild rug and an artsy and abstract framed picture.

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2. Glam vibe & plants

Pair a classy and vintage inspired bathtub with a lot of green plants. You will have a boho chic space with a lot of different style. Also, make it more relaxing and exotic looking by choosing a small wooden table that you can add next to your bathtub and just enjoy some relaxing time.

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3. Yellow accents

Yellow and green go great together. So, pair a lot of green plants with yellow artsy framed pictures or pieces of furniture, like a bath painted in this dreamy solar color. Looks dreamy and exotic, right?

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4. Thinking of the desert

Make your bathroom space an exotic desert. Choose cactuses and framed pictures with these tropical plants. Also, choose a green and brown color palette that will make you feel more like being in the nature.

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5. Cool and exotic

Go with a cool and modern vibe for your exotic bathroom space. Pair green and subway tiles together, choose a lot of green plants and add quotes and artsy rugs in tropical shades next to your bathtub. Also, create a cozy and relaxing vibe in this space with long white candles.

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6. SPA vibe

Go for a fabulous and exotic look and surround a classy vintage bathtub with oversized tropical green plants. Make this space even more glam by adding silver and golden deco elements and imagine you’re in a luxury Spa.

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