10 Dark living room ideas that will welcome autumn

This autumn get darker and mysterious and choose a gorgeous and stylish dark living room for your lovely home. From dark green to a dark blue, gray or the mysterious and seductive black, here are ten ideas for your home that will welcome the fall season:

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1. Nature elements

Think about small home trees, nature inspired materials for furniture such as rattan, stone or wood and add them in a dark space. You will feel like having a night out in the jungle and you will instantly have the fall spirit in your gorgeous home. Wooden blinds to keep out the cold are also a great addition to your living room. You could choose to install timber plantation shutters which not only help protect your room from the sun’s rays and cold air but are also a fabulous way to make a style statement.

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2. White and dark blue

For a minimal or Scandinavian space that’s ready for the fall season pair a white wall with a dark one in blue or black. This way your home will have a stylish contrast and your living room will stand out more in your home.

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3. Cozy dream

Set a cozy mood in a dark living room with furry covers and pillow cushions, but most especially with long candles in elegant candlesticks and a lot of different sized candles added all around the room. These lights will give a magical vibe to this dark and mysterious autumn space.

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4. Green accents

Pair dark furniture with a lighter shade of gray and decorate the whole space with green plants. In this way you will transform your dark living room into a gorgeous nature inspired corner.

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5. Black and brown

Black and brown are very classy together and they’re also great for a masculine, elegant or traditional living room. Imagine a house with a big living room and this great color combo that can become brighter with white details and green plants.

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6. Golden details

In a classy and dark living room in emerald green or navy blue, leave the golden details to really stand out in the room. Choose velvet furniture and a lot of golden deco elements – from floor lamps, to mirrors or coffee table decorations.

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7. Retro colors

Think about the seventies and retro inspired shades for your dark living room. Pair a dark wall with a light colored sofa and choose retro framed pictures to decorate this themed space.

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8. Artistic day

A room with a great contrast will always look stunning. That’s why you can pair dark green walls with a chic pink sofa. Make this space even more fabulous with a dreamy chandelier and choose statement art pieces and framed pictures.

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9. Glam mood

Make a glam space with green walls and a green velvet sofa. All is left to do is add accents of colors all around the space. Colorful neon lights, pink pillows and colorful flowers will instantly do the trick. To make the space even fancier choose a gorgeous chandelier and golden elements such as vintage inspired mirrors.

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10. Ethno accents

Make a summer ethno inspired room more fall looking by choosing a dark shade of gray for the walls. Everything will look dreamy and classy and you’ll be ready for the cold season.

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