Design An Above-Ground Pool To Rival Rihanna’s

Rihanna’s $6.8 million Hollywood mansion includes a breathtaking pool that is easier to emulate than most celebrity pools. With the current trend for above-ground pools, her stylish infinity-edge pool can provide inspiration for your home pool aspirations, no matter how small your space. The pool is built into the patio, but sits above ground level, a trend that many are now incorporating into their garden design.

Decking Delights

Decking has been a lasting trend in garden design, but in combination with an above-ground pool, it can really elevate the luxury feel of a garden. Whether you plan for your decking to lead out of your patio doors, or you’d prefer to create a dedicated pool area at the bottom of the garden, decking enables you to incorporate a space to lounge beside the water. It also enables you to walk out of your house on the same level as the pool, creating the feel of a traditional, dug-out design. Above-ground pools and pool liners allow you to incorporate your preferred shape into your decking area, whether that’s a rectangular or curved shape. Linton’s in the Garden outline a variety of lining options to suit different requirements; opting for a pool deck doesn’t limit the possibilities at all. It’s also possible to add levels to your decking, maximizing the sense of space and the privacy around the pool.

Transparent Luxury

While an infinity edge may not complement the average garden as well as it does Rihanna’s mansion, designers are looking for ways to incorporate a similar sense of luxury in above-ground pools. By opting for a concrete or brick design, you can add glass walls to your pool so that you can see the water rippling from other parts of your garden. This design particularly complements in-pool lighting, a trend adopted by many celebrities. Pool lighting improves the safety of your pool for night swimming, but also really enhances the luxury feel of your garden once daylight wanes, especially if your pool has transparent sides.

Accessorize Your Pool

Rihanna’s pool features a small, swim-up bar, which is a rising trend in home pool design. Above-ground pools can be installed around a bar to create the swim-up effect, and temporary bars can be put up during the summer and stored away with the garden furniture during the colder months. Bars can also be incorporated in decking design so that you can indulge in those summer cocktails while you lounge beside the pool. Pool fountains can be added to the water, and decking and pool edges alike can be dressed up with plants and flowers to create the desired ambience. Many designers are also looking at ways to incorporate poolside fires into garden design. A fire pit can be built into pool decks or positioned tastefully beside the pool for maximum luxury feel.

Home pools are very much on trend, and the increase in variety has allowed them to become within reach for many more people. Even without Rihanna’s budget, it’s possible to elevate the luxury feel of your home with a private pool.

Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels

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