7 Trends to say ”bye bye” to this autumn and what to try next

We want to begin fall with a chic and trendy home, so we looked up through trends that are passé for the moment. Cheers up! We have new ideas for you and we’re sure your fall home will look amazing! So, check out 7 Trends to say ”bye bye” to this autumn and discover what to try instead of them:

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1. Macramé

Typical for a bohemian home, the macramé trend is so over and I’m so glad, especially because it’s a trend that screams summer rather than the cold season. So, instead of hanging macramé on your walls, try a colorful & artsy gallery wall.

Bye bye: Macramé

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Hello: Artsy gallery wall

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2. Decorative ladders

Decorative ladders have been used to oftem and they loose popularity and become more dull than cool. Replace them with golden deco elements – from mirrors, to bookcases or side tables. Everything gold is super trending right now.

Bye Bye: Ladders


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Hello: Gold and colorful details

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3. Cactuses

Bye, bye summer, hello autumn and the cold season! So, it’s time to replace the exotic cactuses with a plants that now that cliché. Small home trees look amazing right now so try them for your dreamy home. Also, you can just think of decorating your home with fall flowers.

Bye Bye: Cactuses

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Hello: Small home trees

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4. Rustic coffee tables

Instead of the coffee tables made of unusual carved wood to anything that looks pretty rustic or vintage inspired go more glam in the new fall season. Try golden and mid century inspired coffee tables that look pretty fabulous.

Bye bye wooden & rustic coffee tables

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Hello: Golden and art deco coffee tables

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5. Minimal and Scandinavian beds

Since these year is all about luxury headboards and beds that look like the ones from a fancy hotel, it’s time to say goodbye to the minimal beds, with just a mattress added on the floor.

Bye bye: Mattress beds

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Hello: Beds with fancy headboards

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6. Copper

We said it so many times, copper is over for some time now. Yes, it looks amazing and fancy, but now it’s time for the nature inspired materiasl to shine when it comes to mugs, dishes or anything that has to do with your kitchen or bathroom. Try the terrazzo print or the black and white marble inspired one.

Bye bye: Copper

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Hello: Terrazzo & Marble

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7. Mud cloth

This black and white textile, inspired from the African culture, had its moment of glory, but in the cold season try something different. This texture is great for a more summer inspired ethno or boho home, so now it’s try the cheetah print. Also, a wild print, this one has a more eccentric and glam twist to it and it’s trending this season.

Bye bye: Mud Cloth textile

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Hello: Cheetah print

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  1. by all means, toss aside an historic handmade fabric appropriated by white people as a trend in favor of cheetah.