9 Rustic bedrooms you will love this summer

Think of the rustic childhood memories, the country side homes, the small towns you visit or the chic Bed&Breakfast you sometimes stay in and make the perfect rustic bedroom that defines your summer. Therefore, choose wooden elements, add colorful and ethno inspired details and pick lovely plants that will make everything looking like you have your own home garden this summer. Here are nine dreamy ideas for you to give your bedroom a rustic vibe:

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1. Chic summer

This summer choose pink and blue shades for your rustic bedroom. Mix them with green plants add add cute covers with rustic frills all around your bed. Also, instead of a nightstand or side table choose a dreamy tiny chair made of wood.

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2. Ethno inspiration

Decorate a neutral bedroom with the pretties ethno inspired rugs and give an instant rustic feeling to this space. Choose also for this space a relaxing looking rattan lamp and decorate your nightstand with small green plants.

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3. Floral details

A rustic touch and floral details create a chic combo for your bedroom space. So, mix these floral covers and pillows with a gorgeous ethno rug and a beautiful wooden bed. Also, add cute retro deco elements around this dreamy space.


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4. Californian chic vibe

Mix rustic elements with Californian chic details and get a summer home that you will definitely enjoy. Cover your bed with colorful and ethno inspired covers and decorate your nightstand with oversized cactuses or exotic plants.


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5. Exotic feeling

Mix ethno prints with a lot of tropical green plants and make your bedroom summer ready and super exotic. Also, decorate this space with elegant wooden furniture with a retro twist and colorful ethno rugs, so rustic and cool!

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6. Elegant look

Rustic and elegant are two words that go great together. So choose elegant wooden furniture and pair it with a relaxing rattan chair, green plants and unique deco elements that will give your summer bedroom a cool feeling.

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7. Rustic and chic

A rustic bedroom can be also grey or neutral. So pair grey walls and sheets with wooden furniture and deco elements and create a cool and relaxing space that will make your summer calmer.

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8. Dark walls

If you want a room with a dimmed light and an intimate feeling choose dark walls and pair them with rustic elements. Choose green and brown as the ultimate power combo and pair wooden furniture with green sheets and pillows, you will love the summerish result.

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9. Dreaming of vacation

Dream of vacation and choose a cool landscape to cover the wall next to your bed. Also, make your summer bed out of palettes and give it a fresh feeling with a green bed. The palette bed the cute wooden bench added next to it and chopped wooden added in a corner of the room are great rustic details that will give personality to this lovely summer interior.

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