5 Stylish trends you need for your dreamy home this summer

Make your home trendy and summer ready with these five trends that are super stylish right now and really define this season. From a neutral and relaxing look to a glam and bold space, here are five stylish trends you need for you home this summer:

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1. Rattan elements

The relaxing rattan elements are a summer dream and they truly bring a relaxing vibe into a space. Choose them for your bed, chairs, coffee tables, ottomans or pick amazing rattan lamps. Pair them with a neutral color scheme and green plants and enjoy this calm summer scenario.

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2. Wabi Sabi influences

The relaxing and imperfect Wabi Sabi art is a perfect choice for your summer home. Think about low furniture and nature inspired elements, but also dreamy small trees that will make the indoor space looking like the outdoors.

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3. Bold shades

This season go also bolder and this about artsy colors that will bring a happy mood into your dreamy home. Think of royal and elegant colors and pick them for your gallery wall, sofa or armchairs. Everything will look fancy and artsy.

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4. Art deco elements

The art deco look has the most stylish elements you can choose right now for your dreamy home. Think of an art deco bar cart and create a summer corner where you can throw parties; choose a dreamy art deco inspired coffee table and add it next to your sofa or think about stylish art deco chairs or mirrors and add them around your home.

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5.  A floral wallpaper

The retro inspired floral wallpaper is meant to make your summer fancy and more romantic. Choose it for your living room and bedroom and enjoy these dramatic elements of your summer home. Pair it with fancy furniture, golden details and retro inspired deco elements.

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