A Dreamy glam Seventies insipired furniture showroom and hanging out spot in Bucharest


If you are a Seventies fan or you love glam furniture, this Bucharest furniture showroom will definitely inspire you. Sensio Living went beyond showing furniture, creating a socializing space where people can work remote, enjoy a drink, party or have private events.

The space focuses on the glam Seventies trending right now, with colorful chairs, velvet & golden elements and an absolutely dreamy green wall that’s the main attraction of this new and chic Bucharest  spot.

Another thing I really love in this space is the bar with a statement tree in the middle of the table. It has a calm and a relaxing vibe you can really feel when entering this gorgeous space. You can also work on your marketing plan there.

Also, when walking into this charming spot you will instantly notice all the chairs and if you are a chair passionate like I am, you will enjoy checking out each special model Sensio Living makes. Also, the different kinds of light bulbs, with yellow light, give this space a cozy and warm vibe that’s perfect for a relaxing day while being in Bucharest.

And how about this wonderful Living Coral and grey sofa? It really shows why we love this shade so much this year. And the seventies inspired textured wall added right next to it is absolutely amazing and gives a classy touch to this space.

Foto credit: Andrei Tudoran, Marius Dragne

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