9 Light Blue velvet furniture pieces that will make you nostalgic

This season we’re smitten with light blue velvet and we hope you are too! And, why not? It’s chic, glam, calm and seems to brighten up a space. So, here are nine velvet furniture pieces that you will love instantly:


1. The glorious round velvet chair

If you want a chair that can transform instantly your living room, this season choose an art deco inspired chair in blue velvet. Your whole living room will become artsy, retro inspired and super stylish so pair it with neutral furniture, minimal details and some dreamy ethno motifs.

2. Hollywood, behind the scenes

Give your living room a little sparkle and make it Old Hollywood themed. Pair a blue velvet sectional with black lamps that look like movie set lights and add old black and white framed picture around the room with iconic Hollywood stars.

3. Calm spirit

A light blue velvet sofa goes great with minimal elements and the trendy marble and black steel details. So, choose it this season for your living room and pair it with a neutral color scheme and you’ll have a calm spirit in your dreamy home.

4. Relaxing day

If you want a fancy bed, pick one with a bed frame made out of velvet and choose a pastel color scheme. Pair a light blue bed frame with pink velvet elements such as a cute bench or chairs and enjoy a glam day in your bedroom.

5. The chic corner

If you don’t have a lot of space in your living room, choose a small blue ottoman and pair it with neutral furniture to make it the star of your home. Also, it will look great next to oversized plants and golden deco accents.

6. In a retro way

Use a light blue velvet ottoman as a cute coffee table or magazine table and add it next to a sofa or some comfy armchairs. This elements will glam up any space and it will be perfect for a neutral room with retro, art deco and classic details and furniture.

7. White and blue

Glam up your living room by matching a blue velvet sofa with chairs with puffy covers. Also, choose a lot of golden deco elements, especially a vintage inspired statement mirror.

8. Artsy corner

This season make a reading corner or a relaxing corner using a light blue armchair. Pair it with a neutral blanket or cover, some dreamy candles and a glam side tables and prepare for a relaxing day at home, reading and drinking coffee.

9. The tiny sofa

Make a cool design contrast by pairing a dark wall with light blue velvet elements like a gorgeous tiny sofa. Also, choose a stylish factor for this set up, like cool quotes written with lights.

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