5 easy hacks to follow when decorating your dreamy bedroom

Make your spring perfect with a new look for your bedroom. Think about easy hacks to use in making your bedroom more modern and right on trend! To help you out we gathered five easy suggestions for this wonderful spring:

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1. Choose a trendy wall color

Even in a bedroom with simple or ,,too normal” furniture, a great and trendy wall color will make everything stand out. Moreover, if you choose light colored furniture and a dark wall or neutral items and a gorgeous trendy shade the contrast will be bigger and dreamier. So, if you can’t remember the color of the year, here is a small reminder for you of the trendiest paint colors of 2019.

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2. Make a fake wooden or brick wall

If you want a special wall for your bedroom, it’s actually a very easy thing to do. If you choose a wooden one, pick peeled wood and decorate your wall in a classy and traditional way. But, if you want to go more modern choose a brick look alike wallpaper that will give a great contrast to your dreamy bedroom.

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3. Pick a retro wallpaper

This season the retro wallpaper is super popular, especially the floral one in dark shade. It will look just gorgeous in a retro, romantic or shabby chic bedroom giving mystery and personality to this dreamy space.

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4. Choose gorgeous handles

Refresh the furniture of your home just by adding new handles. Any minimal or traditional furniture can instantly become modern with new and cool handles. This season the golden ones are the most popular showing a touch of glamour and art deco inspiration.

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5. Make a room divider and create your own walk in closet

Room dividers are a great hack for small apartments, but also a great storage solution for your bedroom. So, pick a room divider with shelves that can serve as an accessory shelf or a bedroom bookcase. Also the room diver can be a great space to store art and memorabilia to create a dreamy bedroom, that shows your personality.

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