How To Make Your Home Look Worthy Of a Million Dollars For Sale

If you are planning to sell your house and want a buyer to pay a million dollars for it, you need to make your house look like it deserves a million dollars. A buyer will only want to shed out a large sum from his/ her savings if he/ she feels that something truly deserves it. So if your asking price is a million dollars, your house better scream a million dollars.

Here are some tips to help you make your house look worthy of a million dollars for a  potential buyer.


  1. The Exterior Makes The First Impression

Any  potential buyer who passes by your house, will form its first impression by looking at its exteriors. Your house needs to be in its best shape on the outside to lure in and impress the buyers enough to make them want to look inside. So this means that you need to beautify your garden (if you have one) with some nice flower pots, trimmed grass, maybe a cute ‘welcome home’ sign and a good quality doormat. You can also get some good porch and lawn furniture to give your home a luxurious look from the outside. Your windows and doors that are visible from the outside should be sparkling clean and well painted.

Investing in making the exterior of your house beautiful will attract more potential buyers to come in and check out the inside.

  1. Impressive Digital Presence

If you are planning to put up your house for sale on real estate websites, then the digital presence of your house needs to be extremely impressive. This means gorgeous photographs of your home on the internet. To make your house look worth a million dollars, it’ll be a good idea to avail the services of a professional photographer in Wolverhampton. A professional photographer will be able to click some good photographs of your home to put up on real estate sale websites. You can also use these photographs to put in your brochures, flyers and other print ads for your house. While it may be tempting and convenient to capture photos using your mobile phone, only professional imagery can give you meaningful returns.

  1. Professional Cleaning Service

Your house definitely needs to be sparking clean to welcome any potential buyers. If you want them to spend a million dollars on your home, then you must make them feel like they are walking in a millionaires’ home. Investing a little money in professional cleaning service will give your home a look just like you see in magazines and that’s what people, willing to spend a million dollars, are looking for.

  1. Neutral Colours

When it comes to furniture, linen and paint, go for more neutral colours instead of passionate, dark ones. The neutral colours are going to make your rooms look bigger and pleasant to live in. Neutral colours are also a safe choice of colours for homes because not everyone has a taste for dark colours. It’s best to play safe and impress the majority and neutral colours will always give a more sophisticated and welcoming look.

  1. Gender Neutral

You may have set up rooms according to the genders of the people occupying them. For example, you may have chosen the colour pink for your daughter’s room and blue for your son’s. However, it’s not necessary that the potential buyers are going to have separate rooms for their children. So it’s always best to stage all the spaces of your house in neutral themes and not a strictly, dedicated one.

  1. Closets

Every buyer would want to know what kind of closet space does their future home offer. So, don’t make it awkward for the buyers to open your closets. Instead, clean out your closets or arrange some of your clothes neatly and leave the closets open for the buyers to explore comfortably.


A buyer looking to purchase your house, is going to imagine himself/ herself and their families in it. So if you want them to spend a large chunk of money to buy your house, you have to make sure that they are able to imagine the best life for their family in your house. Hence, it’s important that the house be pleasant to look at, clean to observe and radiates a positive vibe.


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