9 Amazing farmhouse tables that will make your kitchen space truly chic

Because this spring is all about social gatherings, the kitchen and the dining room will become a social spot for small or large gatherings. That’s why we want to show you nine lovely farmhouse kitchen tables suggestions, a design that’s trendy right now, having a relaxed and versatile look. So, from big table to farmhouse kitchen islands, here are our top suggestions for you:

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1. The long table

If you have a big family or if you love to have a lot of guests coming around, choose a long wooden table and add it in the middle of your kitchen or dining area. Style it up with very creative wooden chairs and choose a light beige color that will look dreamy with white kitchen cabinets.

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2. Picnic look

You will love this versatile and relaxing looking table that will remind you of a picnic table in the forest or a chic event in the nature. Match it with a lovely navy stripes rug, green plants and white or bridge kitchen cabinets, for a calm vibe.

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3. Industrial kitchen

Mix a farmhouse inspired kitchen with dreamy industrial elements like leather chairs in brown and cool light bulbs that hang from the ceiling. Also, choose a dark toned color palette and mix brown cabinets with black elements and a little bit of green, for a fresh nature touch.

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4. The functional farmhouse kitchen

If you love gatherings, but you also love to cook, a farmhouse inspired kitchen island is perfect for you. To make it more modern and chic, match it with some rattan bar stools and oversized green plants. This way you will also have a bohemian touch in this darling looking space.

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5. Think blue

Blue is a very popular color for your kitchen space, in all it shades. For an elegant vibe, mix dark blue cabinets with a farmhouse kitchen island that’s also blue and has wooden details. Match this cool furniture with wooden bar stools and you will love the relaxing and inviting vibe your kitchen will have.

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6. The extended kitchen space

Our need for more sociable gatherings created the new extends kitchen island trends that’s so popular right now. So choose a farmhouse extended kitchen island and decorate it with vintage inspired bar stools, lovely plants, fruits and vegetables for a cool and fresh look.

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7. Modern mood

Choose a dreamy wooden farmhouse table and match it with the prettiest retro chairs. Add a lot of spring flowers on it and decorate this space with grey kitchen cabinets and ethno elements.

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8. Ethno look

Because the ethno look is super popular right now, pair a farmhouse kitchen island with a colorful ethno inspired rug. Choose the modern grey for your kitchen cabinets and add your favorite flowers on your farmhouse table.

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9. The tiny farmhouse kitchen

If you have a tiny kitchen, choose a small farmhouse kitchen island and decorate it with modern bar stools to save space. Also, choose white and beige as the main shades because this light shades will make this space feel bigger and the farmhouse style will make it super calm.

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