8 Dreamy interiors with Cavern Clay – The nostalgic paint color of 2019

Inspired by the desert, this dreamy shade of 2019 can definitely define the warm season. Also it’s refined, moody, and nostalgic and gives a welcoming vibe to a space. So here are eight lovely ideas of interiors painted in Cavern Clay:

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1. Ethno influence

Caver Clay and its desert vibe goes perfectly with ethno influences making you think about a modern safari. So, choose things you love from every culture and also mix your favorite souvenirs with this dreamy and trendy paint shade.

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2. Aristocratic touch

Paired with retro elements and sophisticated furniture this shade will have a very aristocratic vibe. So, pick it for a home with Parisian chic elements or retro furniture and you will love the refined look of your home.

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3. Moody office

This nostalgic and moody shade is great for an office space. Pair it with modern wooden furniture and also mix it with minimal items that will give a very cool vibe to this office. Then, all it’s let to do its start being creative and start a great working day.

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4. Retro look

This lively shade goes great with retro elements, giving them a fresh and modern look. So, choose your vintage deco elements and add them in a corner of your home, painted in the popular Cavern Clay.

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5. Artsy & ethno

Make this paint color really abstract and trendy by painting creative shapes on top of it. Also, emphasize on its nostalgic and bohemian touch and pair Cavern clay with ethno elements like rugs or printed pillows. Also, add a lot of dreamy plants in this gorgeous bedroom, it will make you feel closer to nature.

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6. Cool touch

For a modern bedroom add just a touch of Cavern Clay, painted of a white wall. Then, make this space really cool with creative furniture, industrial inspired lamps and framed posters.

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7. The elegant kitchen

Paint a neutral kitchen in Cavern Clay, especially one with an open space and a kitchen island in the center. This color will make this space warm and welcoming and you will love having a lot of guests over.

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8. Vintage inspired bedroom

Cavern clay makes a vintage inspired bedroom more modern, but also it gives it that pretty romantic twist. Also, Cavern clay goes great with retro shades and also, some cool ethno influences you pick for a statement rug in your vintage inspired bedroom.

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