7 Cool wardrobes spaces that will inspire you this spring

Make your wardrobe eye catchy and fabulous for spring and start wearing outfits that will make your day happy and creative. To help you out, we gathered seven cool wardrobe spaces that will definitely inspire you in this warm season. Start getting creative:

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1. Add some art

It’s time to make your wardrobe more artistic and mix your clothes and accessories with fashionable or abstract art. So, on a free wall make a dreamy gallery wall with a cool theme and choose a black and white combo or go for the popular and colorful gallery wall.

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2. Color by color

Arrange your whole wardrobe according to a color scheme. Arrange your clothes from white to black, from the brighter clothes to the darker ones and also arrange every piece of accessory color by color. Everything will look more organized this way and you’ll find anything easier.

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3. Show off your favorite spring items

An eye catchy wardrobe is always the one where you show in front your favorite outfit. Besides, being a pretty deco trick, it will also make you more inspired and creative. So from, your favorite jackets to favorite bags or shoes add always in front the most fabulous pieces, the trendy items or the stuff you really love right now.

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4. Glam look

Pair you clothes and accessories with art deco element and you will have an eye catchy and glam wardrobe space. Add a statement mirror in this space and also framed fashion related stuff around the space and choose a cool ottoman and a golden coffee table for this space.

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5. Books, shoes and golden details

Make your spring wardrobe space really fancy by mixing your clothes and accessories with a lot of trendy golden details and also, choose golden hangers for your clothes. Also, start mix and matching your shoes and bags with chic books, everything will look super stylish!

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6. Mix & Match

This season you need to mix and match anything and really get creative and style everything up. So, style books, deco elements, framed pictures or paintings with your favorite accessories, especially shoes and bags.

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7. The dreamy organizers

Choose organizers or drawers for your belts, scarves, jewelry or glasses and have everything well organized. Also, make this space prettier by adding candles or gorgeous golden elements and also add in front of a shelf your favorite shoes and bags.

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