6 Two toned kitchen cabinets – The combo you should try for your kitchen this season

Mixing neutrals or white with elegant or trendy colors, the two toned cabinets are super cool this spring for your kitchen. They key is to add white to your top cabinets and a bold shade to the lowers ones, this way the upper area of your kitchen will seem invisible and this interior will gain the illusion of more space. Here are six dreamy ideas for your of two toned kitchen cabinets:

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1. The elegant navy blue

Pair white with navy blue for a fancy kitchen space where you will love to cook of have guests over. Make sure you pick golden handles and a gorgeous marble counter, this way the whole room will look even more chic.

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2. The farmhouse inspired kitchen

Choose two toned cabinets for a farmhouse kitchen. Pair white with an elegant green and wooden furniture and add golden handles to any of your kitchen cabinets. To emphasize on the farmhouse vibe and to make your kitchen space ready for spring add also a cute ethno rug.

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3. Think about the details

Pick a gorgeous blue for your floor cabinets and a dreamy white for the upper ones. Also, match this splendid combo with printed and colorful tiles for your floor. Moreover, add cute drapes with prints and also think about other prints for different elements in your kitchen space.

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4. The darling kitchen island

Match your kitchen island with your lower kitchen cabinets and choose the dreamy grey shade for them. Pick white for the upper cabinets and make the whole space dreamier with a lot of green plants and spring flowers.

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5. The rattan bar stools

Make your kitchen super trendy for this season by mixing a lot of must-have elements like rattan bar stools, two tones kitchen cabinet with golden handles, subways tiles and cool metallic kitchen elements added all around this amazing space.

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6. The dark kitchen space

Because one of the biggest trends of this season is the dark kitchen, choose the best option that comes between a bright and dark kitchen – white for the upper cabinets and dark shades or black for the lower cabinets. You will love this contrast, so match it with subway tiles; green plants and a very cool pendant.

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