6 Dreamy ideas of ”The Warm Nordic” – the new Scandinavian style we’re obsessing about

Blending the Californian chic style with a retro vibe and the versatile Scandinavian style we love so much, ”The Warm Nordic” is a more colorful and optimist approach on The Scandinavian style that makes a space more warm, of course, summer inspired and also welcoming. So here are six dreamy ideas featuring the ’’The Warm Nordic” style:

1. Artsy vibe

Surround a grey sofa with a lot of retro elements, dreamy shabby prints and a lot of colorful art. Choose a calm color palette for your sofa and pillows like grey, white and blue and then add pops of brown and different colors such as orange around the room, because they look just dreamy with blue.

2. Good morning!

Make an artsy gallery wall on each wall that surrounds your chic dining space. Also, make your table setting nature inspired by adding small trees, lemons and tiny plants and enjoy your breakfast at home, making your day simply dreamy!

3. Nostalgic afternoon

Mix a brown table and chairs with white, making a balanced contrast for your Scandinavian inspired space. Choose colorful flowers to make this space even dreamier and also add a colorful gallery wall next to your lovely dining space.

4. The eclectic dining area

Make a cool and outstanding dining area by mixing a Scandinavian table with an eclectic mix of vintage chairs. Decorate it with artsy items and make the whole space more artistic with colorful printed rugs and a stacked bookcase with framed pictures, books and deco items.

5. The reading corner

Choose a light brown lounge chair for your reading corner and match it with neutral Scandinavian furniture, oversized green plants and a lot of colorful deco items. Make the colorful books to pop out on your bookcase and also choose colorful prints for your gallery wall to make this space warmer, artsy and welcoming.

6. Vacation mood

Make a lounge area in your bedroom or living room and pair a bohemian day bed with a lot of green plants and minimal Scandinavian furniture. Don’t forget a dreamy and colorful print mix when choosing small chairs, rugs, pillows or bed covers.

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