5 Trends we are looking forward to see in the new season

Each new season we tend to redecorate out home and because spring is soon about to come we thought about five new and dreamy trends that go perfectly with this season and can truly make your home blossom. So check them out and tell us your favorite one:

1. Pale pink accents

Pale pink defines spring and the warm season and it’s also a shade to look forward to when we search for a calm and relaxing vibe in our dreamy home. This shade is also getting more and more popular because its fits a dreamy retro inspired room but also a modern one. So, pair it with vintage shades of brown and daring colors for a retro interior or mix it up with neutrals for a gorgeous modern space.

2. The dreamy Japadi style

A mix between the Scandinavian style and the Japanese style, this look is perfect for spring, bringing a relaxing and exotic vibe in your home. Defined by low furniture, oversized plants, artistic elements and Scandinavian furniture and natural fabrics, this beautiful trend will make your home simply amazing and calm, so think about cute home gatherings during the warm season and have a fresh lemonade at home. Real Canadian Solutions suggests it’s best suitable for the people who live a minimalist lifestyle.

3. Rattan furniture

This relaxing fabric is super popular this season and we see it on any piece of furniture from a lounge chair to a dreamy lamp pendant or closet. We love this fabric so much because it makes us think of vacation and it’s look simply amazing along with green plants, other nature inspire materials like wood or raffia and is great for a neutral and calm home.

4. Romantic inspired bedrooms

Bedrooms are getting a romantic vibe this season. We’re talking about a retro romance with fabulous chandeliers, art deco elements or vintage statement pieces. Also, you can choose retro and romantic inspired wallpapers with flowers, birds or an exotic theme that will bring the spring vibe into this lovely room.

5. Details in retro colors

Retro colors are back and they make our home happy, refined and full of personality. So, choose a colorful gallery on a pink wall or a dark wall or just add some dreamy retro colors in a neutral room. Colors are super important this season and orange or red and blue are among the most popular ones for home deco details, so picture this spring in your favorite colors.

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