The perfect living space according to each zodiac sign

We sure love our living spaces, they’re the perfect hanging out spot and the perfect interior for a home gathering with friends and family. So, let’s see which signs are more sociable than others, which styles they love and which new living room trend is best for each zodiac sign:


Aries – Focus on the bookcase

This season we pick racks instead of the classic bookcases and we focus on their dreamy styling mixing books with albums, flowers, design elements and framed pictures. So, because Aries and especially Aries women are workaholics and also signs with lots or hobbies they need to have a big and dreamy bookcase in their new living room.

Taurus – The built in sofa

A comfy signs that loves a lazy day at home will be smitten the new buit in sofa trend. Add it near your windows and make this space the perfect cozy nook for reading or just thinking.

Gemini – From the past to the feature

This year we don’t get stuck in the past or we don’t think only about the future. Mixed styles are great this season and a mid century or art deco interior design will work wonders with modern or futuristic elements. That’s why a curious and always changing sign like Gemini will love this deco trend for its living space.

Cancer – The metallic game

This sign sure loves silver, so take advantage of this New Years metallic trend and decorate your living room with silver details. Also, you love to entertain guest and to cook so choose an open living space with a dining area.

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Leo – Art deco elements

A Leo loves to show off with its home so its living room it that perfect place to do that. That’s why this season art deco elements are a great way to make a statement with your living room and also have a fabulous interior.

Virgo – Multiple function furniture

A practical sign like Virgo will love the multiple function furniture that’s trending this season. So pick a coffee table that’s also a desk, chairs that can easily be a coffee table and a dreamy sofa that has storage area around it. Be creative, yet also practical, always!

Libra – The fun bar cart

An art deco bar cart is a must-have this season in home, especially is you love to host a good home made party. And since Libra is a super sociable sign and loves having guests over, this trend it’s just perfect for the fun Libra. Let the party begin!

Scorpio – Bold pieces

A daring and strong sign such as the Scorpio will love the bold deco pieces and elements this season has to offer. That’s why an interior in daring colors such as the ones from seventies inspired color scheme, that’s super popular this season are great for this outgoing Sign.

Sagittarius – The oak coffee table

A new coffee table wants to shine this season and that’s the oak coffee table. And because the adventurous Sagittarius loves natural materials in its lovely home, this sign will adore an oak coffee table along with some oversized green plants in its dreamy living room.

Capricorn – A living room in fancy shades

This sign loves new and minimalist elements, but also has a thing for old and valuable deco items. So make your living space classy and well organized, along with retro inspired elements and a cool and modern bookcase where you keep your precious books, paper work and favorite deco objects. Also, this season pick an elegant shade like Night Watch for your dreamy living space and pair it with classy brown and golden elements.

Aquarius – Curved lines

A sign that loves nature and daydreaming will love a modern living room with big windows. Also, in this space make sure you add a lot of cool deco elements, like the curved lines, a fabulous deco element that’s trending in living spaces this wonderful year.

Pisces – A living room in the ocean life inspired Living Coral

Because everything about a Pisces sign is connected to water we tough about this vivid and calm shade Living Coral for its 2019 dreamy living space. So choose this paint for your walls or furniture and pair it with pastels and relaxing colors and sea inspired deco elements.

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