8 Amazing Scandinavian and bohemian living room ideas that will steal your hearts

Prepare for spring in a gorgeous Scandinavian and bohemian inspired living room. This double deco style will bring you closer to nature and give you a relaxing vibe that’s perfect for the warm season that’s soon to come:

1. Golden moments

Make a space that’s both Scandinavian and bohemian also glam by adding golden elements like statement frames or deco items. This glossy shade goes great with green and makes a dreamy contrast with the dreamy neutrals you choose for your home.

2. Relaxing days

Mix classy and elegant Scandi furniture with relaxing bohemian elements such as a rocking chair with a furry cover, some dreamy plants, an ethno furry fug and a gorgeous pendant made from natural materials.


3. The oversized plants

The green plants are dreamy elements that characterize both Scandinavian and bohemian style, but choosing oversized ones can make the space truly boho. So mix rattan chairs furry covers and a neutral sofa with dreamy statement oversized plants and relax in your own living room like you’re in a vacation.

4. The beauty in a minimal style

Make a bohemian and Scandi space to look also simple give it a minimal twist. Choose tiny furniture that makes a room feel spacious, like a gorgeous tiny fury chair and a small sofa and pick a neutral statement rug and abstract paintings that add personality to the space, saving also a lot of space.

5. Retro elements

Mix the bohemian and Scandinavian style with retro elements for a botanic and charming look for your home. A lot of green plants will make this space feel like nature and they will be great mixed with ethno prints and nature inspired retro prints.

6. Artsy style

Mix cool and modern Scandinavian elements with a lot of flowers, plants and furry details for a gorgeous bohemian vibe. Also, make this space artsy by adding artistic framed pictures around the room.

7. Calm look

Think about calm elements when creating the perfect bohemian and Scandinavian space. Choose a rattan pendant, add beautiful blankets in gorgeous neutral shades such as café au lait and decorate the space with lovely plants, spring flowers and lavender. Moreover, choose a minimal wooden bench instead of a coffee table, it will look cooler.

8. Dim the light!

Make a Scandinavian space really magical and bohemian by decorating a living room with a neutral sofa, an ethno rug and a lot of boho pendant ideas, made from natural materials. Dim the light and follow this popular trend that can make our interiors mysterious, romantic and relaxing.

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