7 Cozy nurseries for a chic home

Expecting a baby soon? Well, then it’s time to make a chic nursery in your splendid home and this season we bring you seven cozy ideas and cute deco tricks that your will adore. Check them out and tell us your personal favorite:

1. Time for tales

Make a nursery super cozy by mix , matching and also layering furry rugs with neutral carpets and also adding puffy tiny chairs around the room. Moreover, make this room truly adorable by adding cute bunny pictures on top of the crib.

2. Floral dream

Mix floral elements with cozy details and you will get a dreamy and creative nursery. Choose a printed rug, oversized plants and framed pictures or even a retro wallpaper with flowers.

3. Blush accents

Among the calming neutrals of the nursery add the cool blush tone for your armchairs cushion or covers. Also, add cute framed black and white painting around the lovely crib of really adorable animals such as panda bears.

4. The story of a sheep

Add cute cozy toys such as the one made with furry elements and match them with neutral furniture and deco items. Mix also blush in this calm color scheme and add a gallery wall on top of the crib with an animal theme.

5. Dots and spots

Choose a dreamy wallpaper for your nursery such as one with white dots over a pastel shade such as blue or pink. Then, add cute cozy elements such as oversized blankets shaped like animals or covers with dreamy frills.

6. Hello little one!

Pick a cute saying and frame it – this will be the statement piece of the nursery. Then surround a neutral crib with dreamy cozy elements like neutral round rugs and pillows and cute covers. Everything will look adorable.

7. Around the world

Make a nursery pretty cozy and creative by adding travelling framed pictures, ethno prints and a lot of souvenirs from your trips. You will love the vibe in this room and you will always feel like dreaming along with your newborn.

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