6 Pink bathrooms that will make you wish for spring to come faster

Dream of spring and enjoy a darling pink bathroom, because this new season sure loves a design life that’s pretty in pink. So from a blush pink to the popular Living Coral shade, check out our top six pink bathroom spaces that will make you wish for the spring to come faster:

1. Serene mood

Because this year is about turning your bathroom into your personal Spa, choose the serene pink for your walls. Add also tiny chairs and choose nature inspired materials like wood that will make you feel closer to nature.

2. The pink tiles

If you want a super chic bathroom, pink tiles are great, they instantly make a space more stylish, but they also give a retro vibe to a room. Pair these chic tiles with retro inspired bathroom products, a statement mirror or with art deco inspired elements.

3.  The double sink

This year you don’t have to share you wink, rather than get more social. His and hers sinks is the most popular trend right now, so a two sink combo and some pink tiles and golden deco items are is the most stylish bathroom design idea you can think about right now.

4. Exotic vibe

If you search for spring and summer in your home, choose an exotic inspired bathroom and mix pink and green. Also, this fresh and stylish color combo works great with golden elements that give a retro inspired vibe to your bathroom space.

5. The pink shower cabin

Daydream in your own pink shower cabin. Decorate this space with chic plants like orchids and your favorite deco items or even lovely paintings in black and white.

6. A French chic vibe

Pink tiles and pink towels, yes please! Make you lovely bathroom French chic inspired, and also add a lot of spring inspired flowers, especially peonies.

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