5 Trends that are out in the new warm season

We begin spring with five trends you should get rid off from your home, if you have them, or just avoid them if you’re redecorating your house for the warm season. Also, we have five suggestions that can replace these trends that are old fashioned and outdated:

1. Nautical elements

Forget about the nautical or navy inspired rooms. This time, just be more subtle and choose a nautical inspired color scheme in your room like one with light blue, grey and white and forget about stripes, ropes or seashells. Also, if you really love sea inspired elements, you can add them in a colorful and retro home, blending corals or driftwood with cool books or framed pictures.

2. Farmhouse home decor

The farmhouse decor pieces are OUT – we mean this for every room of your home – living room, kitchen or bedroom. Instead of them, choose a gorgeous and colorful gallery wall, retro inspired deco items or artsy deco pieces that show your personality.


3. Bookcases without books

Don’t choose a bookcase to use it just for its shelves. This new season books and overly styled bookcases are a must-have! So, mix and match deco items in colorful shades with your favorite book, framed pictures and also shoes, bags or art albums. Anything that’s pretty and dreamy will do the trick!

4. Jars and terrarium plants

Artisanal is the new DIY so forget about the shabby jars meant as candles or light holders or flowers pots. Instead, pick vintage inspired vases in bold colors that will make a room unique. Also, terrarium plants in jars and glass boxes are also out. Instead, choose green plants, especially the oversized ones.

5. All floral rooms

The only way in which you can use the floral print this season is by printed details. Instead of an all floral bedroom space or sheets, choose floral printed pillows, some dreamy vintage inspired curtains or a retro inspired wallpaper with flowers on it.

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