The Lazy Stacked Wall – 7 Reasons we love this new living room organizing trend


The lazy stacked wall is the perfect replacement for a gallery wall or a classic bookcase, its super eclectic and in its chaotic gathering it looks truly dreamy and apparently organized. So, try to keep up with a new trend and gather all your stuff in a shelf, in a lovely way of course. Here are seven reasons why we love this new trend:

1. As it names says – is great for lazy people: There are many of you who hate organizing, categorizing or sorting out items, that’s why a lazy stacked wall is great for you, just try to make it look pretty, adding the dreamy stuff in front and putting magazines or books in a sorted pile.

2. It replaces the gallery wall bringing more styling idea: Because in the gallery wall you focuse on painting and making a good visual scheme, now things are easier and more stylish. First of all, you don’t need screws, you just add the paintings or framed pictures on shelves and you mix and match them with books, magazines, plants or deco items to make them look more stylish than ever.

3. It’s enough for all your pretty stuff: This stylish organization solution is enough to store all your pretty items, so think anything, from plants, to small deco items, to paintings or music instruments, anything works.

4. It looks better than a classic bookcase: Because it can store more than books, the stacked shelf looks better. So forget about classic bookcases, mix and match your books with small deco items, flowers or even shoes or bags.

5. You can store anything you can think of: As I said before, this new kind of storage solution helps you store all your favorite items, collectibles or books, because with a great styling anything can look great when mixed together, just think of a certain color palette an try not to use too many color accents.

6. There are a lot of models of furniture where you can make a lazy shelf: From classic shelves, to glass cabinets or small floor cabinets, anything can become a gorgeous stacked shelf, it just has to match your living room.

7. You can choose a theme and work around it: If you want an easy idea to organize your stuff in a stacked shelf just pick a theme: like travelling, music or fashion and pick pictures or elements match this theme.

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