8 Fancy Living Rooms to start the new season in

Let’s start the new season in a fancy way and impress anyone that steps in our home with a fancy living room. So, to help you out get inspired by sophisticated or elegant deco elements or ideas, here are out top eight fancy living rooms picks:

1. Vintage and modern

This year think about vintage furniture and go antique shopping. The old and the new mix very well together and the old furniture is back in the trending zone bringing a royal or fancy vibe into anyone’s home. So mix a French vintage table with a minimal sofa or an old clock with a modern cabinet.

2. Golden moments

The golden elements are really ”IN” this season, and we’re not talking just golden details or small deco elements. The golden furniture is a must have too, especially for your coffee table. So, pair this fancy shades with matte black and you will have a refined living room that looks like one from a home decor magazine.

3. Amazing art

Any kind of statement art is more than welcomed in our fancy homes nowadays. So, why not try impressive sculptures. They go great with minimal or mid century inspired furniture creating a home that can ”wow” any guest that steps in it.

4. The statement mirror

Add a statement vintage mirror in the back of a minimal sofa with lots of pillows. You will have enough space to store these pieces and the whole place will seem more sophisticated and it will look also bigger, because of the mirror reflection. Also, another great idea is getting inspired by the hotel bedrooms and add two identical side tables and lamp in the corners of the sofa.

5. The bar spot

A dining room table, a sofa area and a bar in the same interior? Well, that’s possible and also looks truly fancy! It’s great for parties and socializing so next to your sofa make a small bar with wooden or retro inspired bar stools and choose a neutral color palette for this living space. Also, choose golden deco items and add tree branches in a statement bowl.

6. Art all the way

Imagine a fancy living room that looks super modern and cool. All you need to do is gather colorful art elements inspired by the pop culture, movies or music industry and mix and match them with golden elements and minimal furniture.

7. Dark notes

Pick a dark color scheme for your living room walls that will make the room both elegant and mysterious. Then, mix cozy elements like furry covers and carpets with designer chairs and art deco inspired elements like a splendid coffee table.

8. The reading corner

Pick a fancy armchair and make it the star of your reading space in your living room. Match it with a gorgeous golden side table and retro inspired lamps and deco elements.

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