7 Dreamy ideas for a Moroccan inspired living room

From rich colors to a neutral color scheme and from natural fabrics to cozy and comfy elements, the Moroccan style is becoming more and more popular and it’s time to consider it when decorating your dreamy home. So, if you want a vacation inspired and relaxed home, get inspired by the Moroccan style. Here are seven elements to keep in mind when choosing this lovely style:

1. Vibrant colors

Having multiple geographic influences, the Moroccan style takes the best colors from all the places. So from the beautiful ocean colors to the surreal African sunsets, vibrant colors are a must in a happy Moroccan inspired living space. They bring joy and blend in great with other neutral and relaxed elements this style has to offer.

2. Low furniture

When it comes to furniture keep it as simple and you can, also choose low furniture, that’s an important characteristic of the Moroccan style. Moreover, keep in mind that the Moroccan interior are really inviting so add a lot of sitting elements and round them up in a circle.

3. Elaborate furnishing

From ornately carved wood to dreamy arcades and mosaic or terracotta tiles, the focus in details is essential to the Moroccan style. So choose gorgeous Moroccan inspired finishes for your home, every details counts and can make your home even dreamier.

4. Texture and fabrics mix

Nothing says Moroccan best than of mix of rich and colorful fabrics and a great texture mix. So, choose a lot of printed pillows, comfy and creative rugs and covers and create a relaxing space in your living room or in a corner of your home.

5. Creative tiles

An easy way to make an interior more Moroccan, whether it’s your kitchen, bathroom or balcony is by adding creative tiles on the wall or floor. Pick your favorite print and color and match these dreamy tiles with neutral elements.

6. Dreamy canopies 

From a mysterious vibe, to a fairy tale looking like scenario or an adventure camping on a home lookalike tent, choose a canopy for your living room or bedroom and recreate a Moroccan scenario.

7. Oversized plants

Because the Moroccan style often looks like an amazing garden, make your home a dreamy oasis and surround every piece of furniture with oversized green plants. Also, add these lovely plants in large, colorful or printed pots or baskets and enjoy your new amazing home.

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