5 Dreamy trends you will see in your kitchen space in 2019

Get ready for new trends for your dreamy kitchen. From a space that’s perfect for socializing, to an eco friendly interior and a space that makes your feel closer to the nature, here are five trends for your kitchen space you will love in 2019:

1. A room prepared for social interactions

The New Year brings us together and the home decor trends make us wish to socialize more. From restaurant to bars with seats really close together, it’s now time for home kitchens to be the ultimate socializing space, bringing friends and family close together around a chic kitchen island.

2. Recycled materials

This season we focus more and more on recycling and sustainable materials. That’s why in this space we tend to toss a lot of stuff and make a lot of waste we feel the need to focus more and more on recycled material when picking out kitchen utensils or dishes.

3. Hidden armoires

In the modern era we wish to see a simpler living space, that’s why also in the kitchen things seem to be hidden better and the new trend in a floor armoire, just under the kitchen island. And why no? It’s Practical and perfect to save space.

4. Bold colors

From the popular Night Watch to an intense turquoise, it’s time for some bold shades to rock your kitchen space. Pair them with neutrals to bring balance and calm in this space and choose black matte or golden finishes for the handles or taps.

5. Natural fabrics

From neutral shades to material that are more natural like wood or stone, we tend to bring the nature closer to our home in the new season. Moreover, in the kitchen these kinds of materials look simply amazing!

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