5 Dreamy trends you will see in your bathroom space in 2019

In 2019 we seek a relaxing day in our bathroom space that becomes the perfect home sanctuary. Every relaxing element, piece of furniture or fancy deco piece find its way in this room that becomes dreamier and dreamier in the New Year. Here are five trends you will be smitten about in 2019 in your bathroom space:


1. A sitting area

A sitting area will be a must in your bathroom space, meant as a space for pampering, relaxing, reading a book or just thinking. Even cushions and furniture with a soft feeling get a place in this chic space.

2. SPA elements

Talking about a very relaxing space, the SPA vibe is an influence you will see more in your bathroom space. From candles, to chairs, oversized plants, calm shades and nature inspired fabrics, the bathroom space should be that oasis where you can relax after a long day at work.

3. Pendant light that can be demined

In the new season we search for a mysterious or romantic vibe in this relaxing space we tend to escape our busy lifes. That’s why a dim light is that magical solution that can make this space more special and dreamy.

4. Vintage golden details

Because the art deco style takes a big start in 2019, the sophisticated golden elements also found their way in the bathroom and they are found in every detail of the room, like the sink, the tap, the shower heads or cabinet drawers. Also, they look gorgeous especially when paired with retro elements like a vintage inspired bathtub.

5. A chic concrete floor

Because we sometime want the outdoor indoors, it’s time for the concrete floor to make its way into the bathroom space. It looks pretty chic and if you have your bathroom close to your terrace or balcony, you can make the same floor for all this rooms. Also, natural materials are really popular this season, so this kind of floor follows best this nature inspired trend.

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