5 Cool home deco trends you will see in 2019

Curious for the New Year’s trends in home decor? Well, get started already and add a little bit of this five new trends in your splendid winter home. Here are five cool trends you’ll see in 2019 in interior design:

1. A cozy table setting

This month and at the beginning of the New Year make the cozies table setting you can think of! Add cozy covers on minimal chairs in different shapes, pick furry rugs and make a magical vibe by decorating your table with long elegant candles. This space will be the perfect gathering space for friends and family.


2. Dark kitchens

The black and navy kitchens are the most popular right now and they will also be huge in 2019. So pair a dark wall with dark cabinets and pick bright neutral color dishes for this mysterious and elegant space. Also, match them with golden deco elements and wooden or velvet furniture.

3. The powerful velvet

Popular in shades like quartz, burgundy, navy, emerald, purple and the new golden shade, the dreamy and refined velvet will be major also in 2019. Also, the velvet sofas, chairs and armchairs are the best, especially if you pick the gorgeous scallops shaped chairs that are super trendy right now. Pair this elegant fabric with golden details, retro elements but also a dark and mysteries color scheme.

4. Retro furniture

The old and the new make the perfect mix in the New Year and moreover, retro furniture can look actually cool and fresh in a modern, minimal or Scandinavian home. So, start collecting mid century furniture or the one from your favorite time period and mix it in your dreamy home with your new furniture.

5. Ethno & tribal prints

The ethno and tribal prints will work wonders in the year to come, especially when mixed with Nordic or minimal deco elements and furniture. Pick a neutral or black and white color scheme and match these tribal & ethno items full of personality with adorable cozy elements like covers and furry rugs.

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