What to do about flying ants in your home

Having flying ants in your home is a sign that they are probably breeding at an advance rate. This is not a good sign since it means that you are even more prone to its effects such as infestations and infections. Flying ants can easily access your house through openings that a normal ant may not. This further increases the risk of you coming in contact with these insects but its normal during the summer. However, the presence of flying ants during the winter is a bad sign since they are not able to breed during the cold season. One should, therefore, be extra cautious when this happens. One should take the necessary precautions such as checking the house for breeding nests within the home structures.

Differences between carpenter ants and termites

Carpenter ants are notorious for feeding on wooden structures and finally building their nests inside while termites tend to invade cereals in the house. This is one of their main differences. However, their physical appearance is quite similar and may go unnoticed if attention to details is not given. To determine if it’s an ant or termite, one should look for dark-colored bodies, tiny or narrow waist, bent antennae, and hind wings being shorter than the front wings. The above are the most common features of carpenter ants.

Carpenter ants are more outdoor compared to termites thus one can stumble upon one in the house.

Flying ants swarm to mates

Wings on an ant are used to indicate that the ant is reproductive male or female ant. They are the only species of the ants that can reproduce. This happens when the male flies to the mate, after which they die then the female shades off its wings and fall to find a place to nest.

During summer, especially in the US,it may be a normal thing, since it may fly from the outside and probably die before it finds a nesting site. However, if the flying insect signs are spotted during the winter, it means that they probably has a nesting site within the structures.

Termites rarely swam to their mates during winter but are known to do so during the summer. Therefore, if one notices the appearance of termites during the summer, they probably have a nesting site within the structures and re owner should do something about before they become a nuisance.

Carpenter ant treatment

Carpenter ants are known to be found nesting within wet wood or rotting wood. The owner should, therefore, replace the wood with new and dry wood to prevent the spread.

If you notice flying insect signsin your home, you can also apply the use of insecticides. One option is the use of insecticidal dust which is applied where the carpenter ants have built their nests. In case the area is inaccessible, one can inject the dust.

Baits can also be used to capture the queen of the carpenter ants to eliminate the entire colony.

Spraying can be used to kill ants that are just flying inside from outside. They may not be effective when trying to eliminate foraging ants.

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