Make Your Move Stress Free With These Three Tips

While house moves are, on the whole, an exciting time in life, they do come with their fair share of stress. We don’t tend to move often in life, so there’s a certain amount of flustered inexperience that goes with changing our place of inhabitance. Add to that the fact that literally, everything you own will be in transit for some time, and it can fray the nerves ever so slightly. This article aims to sooth these nerves, offering three tips – before, during and after – to ensure a stress-free move to a new place of residence.


The pre-move stage is probably the most important for the smooth, effortless execution on the day. It’s also the point at which you have the most time to plan, which means you’ll be able to think through where things could go wrong, and what you can do to ensure everything is as seamless as possible.

Some things you should consider include:

  • Do you have enough in cash reserves to pay a moving company and to buy and pay for your new home?
  • Can you get a reasonable price for your home, and when must the deal be executed by?
  • What are you going to take with you, and what can be left behind, thrown away or recycled?
  • Who will be able to help you carry things, pack boxes, and unpack on the other end?

Possibly the most crucial element, other than the move itself, is booking yourself in with a moving company. Search moving companies Boston MA to compare prices and read reviews from the leading companies in your area. Book them in, securing the date around which your smooth operation will revolve.


The moving company are at the door, and a friend or family member is helping you coordinate the move. The key here is to remain calm and in control, giving instructions to the people you’re paying to transport and take care of your belongings. Try not to lose your cool, and relish the experience of uprooting your life for pastures new.

As you empty your home of your things, you should go around each room to tidy, clean and generally make your house presentable for those moving in. Air the home until the moment you lock the door behind you, at which time you should make sure all windows and doors are securely closed, and you’ve turned off the utilities.


Now you’re at the new place with boxes upon boxes of belongings to unpack and arrange in your new home. This can be exhausting, so give yourself some time to simply enjoy being in your new home. Sit on your sofa and breath a sigh of relief that everything’s together in your lovely new home. Be wary, if you’ve transported pets, that they will have their own transition period, too.

Now, you’ll be able to start planning your unpacking and arranging of your home’s interior. Start with the essentials and move on to non-essential items as you progress through the days and weeks. Don’t rush this process – simply let it happen naturally, and you’ll enjoy the whole process of your home relocation.

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