Dreamy Ways To Make Your Home Feel Cozier This Winter

With the cold weather slowly but surely creeping in, you’re probably starting to spend a lot more of your time indoors.  During the winter months, there is no better feeling than curling up on the couch with your favorite blanket and a hot drink, basking in the coziness of your home.  If your space could use an update, here are a few ways to make your home feel extra warm and welcoming this season.

Add Cozy Elements

Preparing your home for the colder months ahead is all in the details!  If your home is made up primarily of hardwood and tile floors, throw down some rugs to add some warmth to each room.  Walking around the house in the winter can feel chilly, so adding rugs to highly trafficked areas like your bedroom, bathroom, and kitchen can make a huge difference.  For added comfort, make sure to keep a pair of warm slippers by your bedroom door, so that your feet don’t get cold while you’re traipsing through the house. Other additions, such as fuzzy pillows and blankets, can really bring a new level of coziness to your space during the cold winter.

Warm It Up

While it may be tempting to reach for your trusty space heater during those bitter winter nights, installing a fireplace can actually be a better investment.  If your home didn’t already come with a fireplace built in, don’t worry- there are several different fireplaces to choose from that can be installed in existing homes.  The cost of having a fireplace put into your home can vary depending on the one you choose, but adding a fireplace can actually increase the value of your home should you ever decide to sell it.  When it comes time to ask yourself “what is my home worth?”, you’ll be able to go into it with a clear idea of what to expect.  A fireplace can also be a great conversation starter when guests visit your home, and you’re likely to receive a lot of compliments!

Update Your Decor

The decor you choose is what makes your house a home, and the winter season is the perfect time to break out your favorite photos and tchotchkes to display.  Have you been sent a lot of holiday cards from friends and family? Purchase a greeting card display so that you can show off all of the beautiful cards sent from your friends and family.  Do you have tons of cherished photos of loved ones that have been sitting in storage? Take this as an opportunity to choose your favorite ones and place them around the house. Stores like Target and HomeGoods carry cute and inexpensive frames and photo displays that can really add an extra dose of warmth to your home.  

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