8 Minimal bedrooms for a relaxing holiday season

When the holiday preparation really makes you tired and full of stress it’s time for the perfect nap or relaxing time in a calm minimal bedroom. So, enjoy your holiday free time and check out these eight dreamy minimal bedrooms:

1. White holiday

Pick white for your winter bedroom and mix it with just a little bit of light gray. Also, add green plants or small Christmas trees all around the space and make this space more modern with your favorite black and white pictures framed on top of your bed or desk.

2. Minimal and glam

Pair pastels with golden elements and create a minimal and glam space where you can relax during the winter. Choose also a statement black and white picture or painting with and abstract motif, it will look simply dreamy!

3. Dream on moments

Because December is the month to dream and make plans, choose a white statement lamps that looks like a cloud and start day dreaming. Match if with gray and white sheets, oversized plants or tiny apartment trees and a floor lamp that will make this space pretty cool and cozy.

4. Blue dream

Besides white, pink or grey, baby blue is also the perfect shade for a winter bedroom. To make it more chic, mix it with pillows or covers with a black and white print and pair it with silver metallic deco accents and light neutral furniture.

5. It’s a holy, holiday

Get the Christmas spirit in your dreamy bedroom by adding tree branches with ornaments or just simple on top of your neutral bed. Also, surround this space with cool floor lamps or stylish industrial light bulb and fancy nightstand and enjoy a quiet evening at home.

6. Farmhouse vibe

Choose a picture that you really obsess with or one that shows emotion and add it on top of your bed. Then bring a calm vibe into your minimal bedroom by choosing farmhouse inspired elements and by adding chic branches in minimal vases and choosing light colored wooden chairs and nightstands.

7. Retro accents

Add cool bistro chairs instead of nightstands next to your minimal bedroom. Then, pick other cute retro brown elements that work wonders in a minimal bedroom in neutral colors.

8. A dash of pink

Because Living Coral is already a big thing for 2019, start with a little bit of pink and choose it as a calm shade for your bedroom walls or sheets. To get more chic, mix the calm pink with sheets with French stripes and cool abstract framed pictures.

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