7 Dreamy coffee table styling ideas for the winter season

Make a change in your home for the winter season and restyle your coffee table in a dreamy way that fits better the cold season. To help you out, we gathered seven splendid ideas that are ideal to welcome the new cold season:

1. Add dreamy candles

Set the mood in the cold season by adding a lot of beautiful candles in elegant jars all around the table or on top of books and albums. For a fancier vibe, pick long candles and add them in refined candlesticks like gold, black or the marble ones.

2. Choose a glam tray

This year gold is a grey shade for tray especially if you have a mid century inspired living room or one with a lot of velvet furniture. Style it with candles, seasonal flowers, small books and gorgeous small deco items in neutral or dark colors.

3. Pick dark colored books or albums

For the winter season dark and elegant colors are the best and also black is that stylish accent your need for your coffee table. Also, match them with neutral deco items and other books and they will shine and stand out.

4. Choose a neutral scheme and some winter or fall accents

A neutral color scheme is perfect for a coffee table in a minimal or Scandi living room. Decorate it with autumn or winter flowers and plants and add cool magazines and deco items on it.

5. Add a dreamy tea set

Because it’s the cold season it’s cute to serve hot drinks day by day. So, choose a very elegant and chic tea set and add a tray where you can keep your stylish mugs and some books for a great relaxing day at home reading and drinking coffee or tea.

6. Pick marble elements

The marble elements are back in style so choose a marble inspired coffee table, tray or candle. These items look amazing especially in the cold season and they are even dreamier when paired with golden and elegant elements.

7. Decorate it with a dreamy glass dome

This season the glass domes are simply gorgeous and a must have for your home and coffee table. You can add any item you choose in it from a rose, to a tiny sculpture, a perfume or candle, just get creative and make that one item the star of your coffee table.

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