7 Cool ideas on how to mix and match prints into your dreamy home

A print mix is that easy deco solution you can choose when you have a simple or ‘‘too neutral” room. Choose it for any kind of room and really start getting creative. Here are seven easy tricks for you:

1. Mix and match pillows on your gorgeous sofa

Make a living room more stylish and creative by mixing prints o your sofa using pillows with different patterns and prints. Also, choose a printed rug or a different print for your framed pictures. As for the print mix, the classic black and white scheme is still pretty cool and looks amazing.

2. Make a dreamy print mix on your floor

From the sitting area to your rugs, a print mix looks really great on the floor. So, pick different prints for your sitting area – go with printed ottomans or other cozy comfy chairs or layer printed rugs one over each other. The one thing you need to keep in mind is the color scheme; pick two or three shades at max.

3. Get creative on your gallery wall

An abstract gallery wall with a lot of cool prints will look just amazing, but you can also math classic framed pictures with different patterns or prints to make a creative mix on your wall. Play with colors and give personality to a neutral room with an incredible gallery wall.

4. Choose a cozy print mix

In a neutral room add a warm, combo and welcoming vibe using a lot of cozy deco elements and cute neutral prints. So, thinking of a neutral color palette, mix and match printed pillows, covers and blankets all around your sofa and on it. Also, decorate your chairs with cozy items and your walls with cute Scandinavian inspired prints or any other patterns you have in mind.

5. Add personality into your bedroom

If you love having a gorgeous bedroom, then decorate your bed with lots of printed pillows in different shapes and sizes. Also, add under the bed a splendid printed rug and pick also other printed deco items or add a gallery wall on top of your bed focusing on a dreamy print mix.

6. Decorate a chic kitchen nook

Add creative patterns also in your kitchen space. A simple way to do it is by matching patterned plates, glasses and mugs on an open shelf, it will look fantastic! Also, you can make a cozy nook in a corner of your living room where you can match printed pillows with a printed bench or some cute printed rugs. Keep a neutral color palette and add just a bold color to go with it. The kitchen is that space where you want things to look pretty calm!

7. Make a creative bathroom space

Add a little print mix also in your bathroom space, it will look cool and every item will have a better contrast. So, make a print mix between a colorful rug and a neutral printed shower curtain or pick printed bathroom containers and mix them with minimal items and furniture.

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  1. There are some amazing Tips here! Prints can literally transform your home if you use them the right way. You can combine them with some cozy pillows, throws, art pieces or rugs to add extra layers and texture, especially during the holidays and winter months when we all need more layering and warmth.