6 Stylish holiday deco ideas using bistro chairs

If you want a make a cool home gathering or a chic diner party, bistro chairs are the perfect style factor and they work wonders in the holiday season. So, to help you out, we gathered six calm, holiday inspiring and chic deco ideas using the classy bistro chairs:

1. Cool dining

Mix and match a neutral table with light colored bistro chairs and a looot of cozy elements. Pick furry rugs and covers and a lot of cozy blankets and make the perfect winter table setting.  Don’t forget a Christmas tree decorated with neutral magic lights and a lot of small trees and green plants all around the space.

2. Retro elements

The bistro chairs will be the perfect holiday piece also for a Christmas in a retro home. So decorated them with white covers and furry blankets and style the retro table with a lot of green elements. Also, make this space more holiday themed and add dreamy pine tree crowns on a wall next to the dining area.

3. Shabby dining

Make a shabby Xmas setting by adding mixed retro and bistro chairs next to a retro wooden table. Surround the place with tree branches decorated with neutral Christmas ornaments and globes and enjoy a quiet and lovely dinner party with friends and family.

4. Fancy dining

Make a fancy dining corner in your living room using a round table and a neutral tablecloth and a lot of cute neutral bistro chairs. Make the space truly chic by adding Christmas tree branches on a neutral wall and decorating them with shiny and neutral holiday Xmas ornaments.

5. Vintage vibe

Make a simple and very elegant dining space for the holiday season using brown dining chairs and a simple tablecloth and themed Christmas elements. Fill a minimal vase with Christmas tree branches and add dreamy candles all around the table.

6. Statement pieces

Mix neutral bistro chairs with and old dining table and a lot of dreamy statement pieces. Pick an oversized Christmas star and red and green elements to enjoy a stylish winter celebration.

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