5 dreamy bathrooms that will inspire you

There’s nothing dreamier than slipping in to a hot, luxurious bubble bath after a long day in the cold. Creating a space that’s relaxing, warm and inviting can help you through this cold season. Here are 5 dreamy bathrooms that will make you want a freestanding bath:

Industrial Style 

 The dark blue feature wall against the industrial style exposed brick wall creates such a cool vibe in this bathroom. The double ended slipper bath from Better Bathrooms really stands out against the edgier details of the room.


 Dark Colours  
The contrast of the dark tiles with the white furniture and skylight in this bathroom creates a really unique space. The skylight over the bath is a nice touch so you can look up to the stars while taking a evening bath. The soft lighting from the candles and the light fixtures will help you relax and unwind.

Symmetrical Statement –

 The symmetry in this bathroom is so dreamy yet so simple. We’re used to bathrooms that fit all the furniture in around the walls and this bath makes such an impact that your guests are sure to be talking about. The taps being in the middle means you have more room to soak without annoying faucets getting in your way.



Pastel Dream –
There’s nothing better than a bath with a view, and this carefully placed tub by a huge window is no exception. Time will fly by whilst you watch mother nature in all its glory. The pastel blue exposed brick style tile is also a welcoming addition to this bathroom and complements all that dreamy natural light!

Grey Chic –
Grey is one of the chicest colours you can include in your home and it always works in your bathroom. This bathroom feels more practical than the others thanks to the over-the-bath shower, so you can enjoy this space even when you’re in a rush.


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