7 Ways to style your bedroom cabinet for the magical cold season

When you want to run away from all your problems and enjoy a relaxing day home you can escape in your dreamy bedroom. So, make it pretty cool and boudoir inspired and to help you out we gathered seven lovely ideas to style your bedroom cabinet:

1. Cool dream

Pick a minimal cabinet with a very modern design and add around it cool items like posters with writings or black and white pictures. Style it up with glam golden elements, gorgeous plants and hide everything it’s not that pretty in minimal neutral boxes.

2. Speak French!

Style a modern white cabinet in the prettiest way possible by adding super chic details. Pick posters with French quotes, frame inspiring black and white pictures and add gorgeous black and white deco items all around this interior.

3. Oriental vibe

Mix and match a perfect white cabinet with Oriental details – deco items, flowers, furniture to create a relaxing and very creative space. Pick neutrals colors and just leave the floral print and plants to pop out in the space.

4. Relaxing moments

Decorate your bedroom cabinet with relaxing prints in white frames and dreamy plants. Get inspired by the nature and add or frame your favorite flowers and botanic elements.

5. Minimal games

In minimal black cabinets mix and match your accessories with books and gorgeous albums or magazines. Style up this space with a chic gallery wall, a lovely tray with your favorite beauty products, roses and magical candles in candlesticks.

6. Drama queen

Glam up your bedroom by picking a black chic shelf instead of a classic cabinet and really styling it up! Frame black and white pictures in golden frames and add your favorite autumn flowers all around this space.

7. Old Hollywood vibes

Pick a black shelf with glasses as your bedroom cabinet and style it with Old Hollywood inspired items. Add a velvet ottoman or armchair in an elegant shade, floral details and dreamy glassy deco items that really personalize this space.

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