10 Dreamy tips for a Scandinavian living space

Because we know that you love so much the Scandinavian style, we gathered nine dreamy tips that you can use to make a gorgeous Scandi space this autumn season. So, here they are:


1. Pick a mid century lamp

Make any Scandinavian space more fancy and elegant using a glamorous mid century inspired lamp. Place it in any space you wish and make any interior truly fabulous!

2. Add artsy paintings

Personalize a Scandi space using a dreamy gallery wall in the same neutral color scheme or making it the pop of color you need in a space. Mix and match framed pictures with pictures that show art, inspirational quotes, drawings or pictures with celebrities.

3. Choose knitted covers or pillows

This season choose knitted covers and pillows cushion that will look cozy and dreamy. Choose neutral ones for a relaxing space or some in bold colors for a charming Scandi interior.

4. Pick wooden furniture

Wooden furniture looks simply gorgeous in a Scandinavian space. You can pick small chairs, some dreamy wooden stairs, a cute table or some gorgeous chairs for your dining space.

5. Mix neutral shades with a pop of color

Any space needs its colors so if you don’t want to get too colorful choose brown, green and silver as your pop of color or go for daring tones if you want a happy and artistic Scandi space.

6. Add mustard details

This season choose mustard as the pop of color for a neutral space. Its make any space look warm and cool, and a little bit retro so it’s perfect for the cold season.

7. Make a dreamy autumn floral arrangement

If you love flowers you will cherish this season for its colorful flowers or unique plants. Place them anywhere in your home and get creative making cute floral arrangement in any vase you own.

8. Choose cozy and furry covers

Make any space cozier by adding furry covers on dining room chairs or on the sofa or bed. Or just add furry carpets in your bedroom or living room and also make this interior looking more glamorous!

9. Pick geometrical details

From pillows cushion to covers, sheets or painting, the geometric prints blend in great with the Scandinavian style. This fall, pick shapes that have the autumn colors, they will look dreamy!

10. Add cool elements

Make any Scandi space more modern by adding cool elements such as black and white framed pictures, abstract art and chic deco items.

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