Waterfall worktops – a rising kitchen design trend

The waterfall worktop has been a growing trend for a number of years. If you haven’t come across the concept itself, you will certainly have seen a vast variety of its stunning implementation in contemporary kitchens all over the country.

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Let’s start with some basics. In contrast to a traditional worktop that finishes at the edge of the kitchen cabinets, a waterfall worktop carries on ‘flowing’ downwards, essentially wrapping at least one side of the base unit with a vertical drop to the floor.

Waterfall style worktops can be found in all sorts of modern designs, and they work especially well for kitchen islands where both, or even three sides, of the island’s end panels are covered in the same worktop material. This makes for a stunning feature in any kitchen and looks particularly dramatic with stone surfaces such as marble, granite or quartz.

What’s the appeal?

When waterfall kitchen worktops and islands first appeared, they were the hallmark of innovative contemporary kitchen design schemes that pushed the envelope. Transforming the humble worktop into a statement feature, using beautiful and often unusual luxury materials, worked particularly well on freestanding kitchen islands that sat centre stage in modern, open plan interiors schemes.

Fast forward a few years and we’ve all fallen in love with sleek, minimalist design kitchen design. The open plan kitchen/diner is now an established architectural feature in many modern homes, providing the perfect setting for a multifunctional feature kitchen that wows.

A waterfall worktop is the perfect complement. There’s a vast choice of possible colour and finish combinations to choose from that offers a huge variety for personalising your designs. Whether you’re going for a seamless design or wish to inject dramatic contrast, the right choice of worktop in a waterfall style will certainly grab the attention of your visitors and guests!

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Which materials work best?

When it comes to choosing the best material for your waterfall worktop, aesthetic appeal should be as important as functionality. For contemporary kitchen schemes, you can’t beat stone and resin based tops, and there’s a virtually unlimited choice when it comes to deciding on styles, colours and textures.

Once you’ve chosen your favourite worktop material, the best way to really show it off is by incorporating it into vertical drops, especially if you have an open plan kitchen where the waterfall effect can be admired from afar.

Choose the natural beauty of granite, marble or slate with superior heat, stain and scratch resistance, while manmade surfaces such as Corian or quartz are non-porous, tough surfaces are virtually maintenance free and come in an infinite variety of colours.

If you’d rather stay away from stone, no problem. Hardwood, stainless steel and concrete are just some options that can look fantastic in modern, industrial chic and other eclectic schemes.


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Style and substance

A waterfall edge that leads the eye from the horizontal to the vertical plane is a bold style statement in any kitchen. But in addition to the aesthetic impact, it’s also a very practical choice. Add a streamlined look to your end panels that enhances your kitchen’s clutter free appearance, while hiding away bulky appliances and storage cupboards that don’t need to be in view.

Whether you’re using beautifully veined marble or naturally occurring granite, these are hard wearing stones that will stand the test of time. Particularly if you have pets or small children in the family, the greater durability offered by stone, concrete, stainless steel etc compared to regular cabinet end panels – and by that we mean scratch and stain resistance – is an important consideration.

What’s more, increasing the use of worktop material in the kitchen, whether at the end of a run of floor standing cabinets, a kitchen peninsula or freestanding island, will make it easier to keep clean – just wipe over on a daily basis.

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