9 dreamy sofas for this fall

A home and especially a living room gravitate around a sofa, so make sure you pick a gorgeous one for your dreamy living space. Here are our nine top pick for this fall:

1. Pink panther

A pink sofa goes with any kind of interior, pick one in a soft pink and a cool design for a minimal interior and think of a velvet one for a French chic interior.

Pick it for: Any kind of room, from a Scandinavian room, to a girly home or an electric or mid century inspired interior, this sofa will shine in any kind of interior.

2. Red red wine

A velvet sofa in the perfect wine color is perfect for this fall. Pair it with other bold colors and make a very daring room in your home.

Pick it for: A sophisticated living room, a dramatic space, a romantic interior, a place where you want to bring on the passion.

3. Purple rain

While purple is a more unusual color for a sofa, it’s the color of 2018 an it’s also pretty fancy and sophisticated so if you want a wow factor in your home, a purple sofa will be the perfect element for the space you live in.

Pick it for: A dramatic room, a French chic interior or a very artsy living room.

4. Gray mood

The most versatile kind of sofa, they Gray sofa made in a cool or classic design will make your living room timeless and easy to accessorize.

Pick it for: Any kind of interior, especially a minimal or Scandinavian one.

5. Green love

Pick a green sofa made out of velvet and you will love how elegant will home will get. Also, pair this sofa with golden elements for a retro chic vibe inspired by The Old Hollywood.

Pick it for: A retro or eclectic home, a classy space or a mid century living room.

6. Go yellow!

This happy sofa works wonders in an interior filled with daring colors and creative prints and brings an optimistic mood into a space.

Pick it for: An eclectic or rustic kind of living space or any interior that’s full of colors.

7. Olive oil 

This elegant, retro and versatile shade looks just gorgeous and it’s also timeless, especially if you pick one made out of velvet.

Pick it for: A bohemian inspired living room, a mid century interior or a living space inspired by the Old Hollywood.

8. A dark blue state of mind

This fancy color is the perfect combo for gold, antiques and designer made pieces of furniture and deco items. It always has class and style!

Pick it for: An elegant or classical living rooms that have a stylish vibe.

9. Brown chocolate

Versatile and cool this sofa goes great in a neutral interior filled with green color accents.

Pick it for: Any kind of living room, especially o bohemian or minimal one, or one from a farmhouse.

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