7 Spooky home deco ideas for Haloween

This Halloween make your home really spooky and creative using stylish ideas. To help you out get a scared look from your friends and neighbors we bring you these seven ideas:

1. Balloons and art deco

Get creative with spooky word using black balloons. Decorate your fireplace or different corners of your home with these balloons and enjoy a scary and also very stylish holiday.

2. The spooky entryway

Paint your door in a dramatic color such as purple or red and decorate it with some black net. Add small tress around them, paint pumpkins in black and add skulls all over the place. Everything will look cool and spooky!

3. The freaky landscape

Start by picking a creepy painting in a dark color squeeze and create around it a spooky home deco corner. Choose skulls, bats and themed Halloween elements in white, black and orange and enjoy this creative holiday.

4. Cozy day

Decorate your entryway with a neutral bench and some pillows and start getting creative with spooky Halloween inspired elements. Crave pumpkins with freaky faces, add colorful Halloween decorations and invite your friends over for a hot drink on the terrace.

5. Decorate my coffee table

Make a themed coffee table for Halloween using skulls, pumpkins, black hands and any other creepy elements that come to your mind. Moreover, mix and match them with stylish objects as albums, books and deco elements that have a black and white color scheme.


6. Fancy bar

It’s time to begin the party and make a fancy bar in your spooky home. Start by picking a scary quote and frame it, than decorate a glam golden bar or a copper one with black and golden glasses, fancy drinks you can serve as potions, craws and other themed black and orange elements.


7. Craws and cages

Make a dramatic scenery for the fireplace using a black net, long black candles and white candles, red roses and shabby cages. Don’t forget to add creepy black birds like craws and play a dramatic song in your home.


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