7 Dreamy Nordic inspired bedrooms that will inspire you in taking a nap

This fall take a quick nap in a minimal kind of bedroom, inspired by the practical and dreamy Nordic style. Neutral colors, dark shades, a cool design and a calm and peaceful vibe, that’s what Nordics know best when it comes to home decor. So get inspired by these seven dreamy bedrooms:

1. Gray look

Paint your bedroom in different shades of gray and add around your walls deco items in the same moody color palette. Make a nightstand around the bed that looks like a wall and decorate it with cool and essential items, than all is left to do is to take the perfect nap!

2. A black and white kind of day

If you really love black and white, create a dreamy bedroom around them. They’re also pretty chic and French looking if you pick pillows, sheets or covers with stripes but they’re also pretty representative for the Nordic style. So enjoy your nap in a calm and chic bedroom like this one.

3. Calm beige

Give a warm vibe to your Nordic inspired bedroom by picking sheets, pillows and covers in an Earthy shade like beige, camel, soft orange. It will look just dreamy along white and green plants and you will love the peaceful vibe this room will have.

4. Nordic with a little bit of glam

In a neutral and minimal bedroom add dreamy glam deco items like golden lamp or candles, a statement chandelier or anything that can make a Nordic bedroom looking fancier than ever, you will definitely love the result!

5. Book lover

This Nordic inspired bedroom is just perfect for people who really love reading. So make a nightstand out of books and pick a cool lamp that will keep you awake to read a lot at any hour. When you get tired just take a nap in this perfect white room filled with calm colors such as baby blue or soft brown.

6. Some art, please

If you’re and art lover, add around your walls dreamy pictures that show emotion or really inspire you. This will give a lot of personality to your Nordic bedroom and for a peaceful vibe add oversized plants around the place and pick soft neutrals for your wall and bed.

7. Get it all on the floor

Nordics know best when it comes to home design, so take their cool advice add your framed artistic pictures directly on the floor. They will look pretty chic and you can gather as many as you wish by mixing neutral pictures with some with just a hint of color.

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