6 Bohemian bathrooms that will wow you this autumn

If you are a nature lover, you love spending a relaxing time home and you love prints and ethnic accents, then a bohemian bathroom is just perfect for you. So, start dreaming this lovely autumn and get inspired by this six boho bathroom spaces:

1. Reading time

Take a moment to relax and make a reading corner in your retro inspired bath. Add a small bath table made of wood and decorate it with candles, plants and your favorite books. Place spa towels and robes all around the space and add any detail that will make you feel like being in a gorgeous bohemian Spa.

2. Printed tiles

Make everything boho and chic by adding cute printed tiles in your shower floor or in your whole bathroom. Match them with oversized plants and dreamy wooden or raffia storing solution like baskets or ladders and enjoy your dreamy bathroom.

3. Modern vibe

Make a chic space around your bathtub and add boho carpets, cute orchid and inspirational quotes all around this space. Don’t forget green plants and scented candles, any dreamy and relaxing element will do the trick in a space like this one.

4. Dark tones

For a bohemian bathroom that has a little bit of mystery to it pick dark tones for your bathtub and furniture and decorate your floor with printed tiles with oriental motifs. Add also autumn flowers near the sink and set the mood using scented candles.

5. Subway tiles mania

Subway tiles are modern and cool elements for a bohemian bathroom. Match them with cool green plants in white jars, wooden and raffia deco elements and cute beauty and baht products that capture your attention in a dreamy room like this one.

6. Bohemian fantasia

Add a small green tree on your bathroom floor and you will see how this space will instantly be transformed into a boho fantasia. Add cute raffia baskets around the space and choose bright colors that will make the space looking very relaxing and modern.

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