10 Dreamy fall destinations and ten chic accommodations to stay in

Welcome fall with a dreamy city break in Europe, enjoy sunsets and the beautiful fall trees and landscapes. To help you out, we came up with ten ideal Europe destinations and some dreamy accommodation tips, check them out:

photo by David Martin via Mountain Leon

1. Florence, Italy

Looking for a romantic escape? Well, in Florence you can have that magical city break in which you will enjoy fall in all its beauty, visit one of the most beautiful cities Italy has to offer and enjoy a piece of the Europe history.

You can stay in: A beautiful apartment that shows the Italian charm, like this dreamy Diladdarno accommodation I find truly creative.

2. Amsterdam, The Netherlands

If you love water, boats and riding the bicycle, Amsterdam is the perfect town for you. So, enjoy the fall season with a warm beverage and this charming city of The Netherlands.

You can stay in: If you choose Breitner House you will feel like royalty and enjoy an exceptional accommodation in a dreamy fall city.

3. Gdansk, Poland

A beautiful city, filled with entertainment, Gdansk is waiting for you in fall with a darling architecture you will find really original.

You can stay in: In a charming apartment near the sea like Elite Apartments Marine and enjoy an early fall near water and beautiful sunsets and sunrises.

4. Ghent, Belgium

A city that looks like gingerbread, Ghent is a dreamy medieval city that will fascinate you with its really old architecture.

You can stay in: Cap’s House, an accommodation with very elegant apartments that will give a lot of class to your Belgium city break.

5. Hannover, Germany

This dreamy city has a lot of parks which make it perfect for nature lovers. It’s also perfect for shopping lovers, so come in an amazing city creak in this historical city.

You can stay in: Apartment Philosophenviertel, a chic place with a darling building you will instantly fall in love with.

6. Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria

A city with a great view and perfect for people who love to walk a lot, Veliko is a great fall destination, with the perfect weather for a long walk with beautiful architecture along the way.

You can stay in: Rooster House, a tradition accommodation that will give you an authentically experience and a very cozy vibe that’s perfect for autumn.

7. Sibiu, Romania

If you love history and the medieval times, Sibiu is a great city to visit in Romania. In fall you can take long walks through the city, discover its cuisine and enjoy its dreamy museums.

You can stay in: A traditional Romanian apartment, with a lot of color and traditional motifs that will make you feel like a local for a day.

8. Bordeaux – France

Imagine enjoying a beautiful sunset in the city of wine and fine cuisine. You will love this city if you are a wine and history fan, so do check out this gorgeous city.

You can stay in: Aux Terraces, a fabulous accommodation with a dreamy garden and chic pool that will make you enjoy more and more your Bordeaux experience.

9. Porto, Portugal

Whether you take a river cruise or enjoy the local Porto wine and wine places, Porto it’s that quiet and beautiful city where you can enjoy a peaceful fall with your loved ones.

You can stay in: A chic Oporto apartment with a cool design and a charming balcony where you can see the city in all its beauty.

10. Bilbao, Spain

From the famous Guggenheim Museum to the vineyards around Bilbao, this city is truly amazing and has beautiful colors in the autumn season.

You can stay in: Bilbao Centric Apartments, a fancy stay with a modern design that will make your stay in the Spanish city unforgettable.


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