Top 5 color trends for this fall

Before the fall begins, lets add a little bit of color in our dreamy home by focusing on the shades that will rock the new season. They go perfect with autumn, they are elegant, classy and pretty nostalgic, and so here are the top 5 colors to look forward in the new cold season:

1. Forest green

Bringing a nature vibe into your home and a beautiful one also, Forest green is a classy shade that will make you think about your home as a forest cabin with a very cozy vibe. It’s also quite elegant and perfect for a mid century inspired home or one with a masculine touch.

Pair it with: White, brown and dark grey

2. Seventies orange

Because the seventies are back, the bold retro orange shade is also one of the main attractions of the season. It looks very creative and extravagant and is perfect for an interior that combines modern and vintage items or one with an eclectic style.

Pair it with: Brown, white and golden

3. Café latte brown

This lovely shade of brown it’s perfect for fall and it’s also super versatile. It works wonders in both a modern and traditional room and it also has a calm twist to it.

Pair it with: Green, white and blue

4. Coral pink

If you want color in your dreamy home, then this autumn pick Coral pink. It’s perfect for a shabby, feminine or retro room and it goes really well with neutral and other shades of pink. It also reminds you of the fall leaves and seems to bring a lovely nostalgic vibe into a space.

Pair it with: Butter white, blue and bold pink

5. Denim blue

This elegant and chic shade is perfect for a minimal and Sandi interior and brings a relaxing vibe in any space. Also, it has a summer look if you pick denim and white and can be that summer vibe you search for in a nostalgic autumn home.

Pair it with: White, beige and pink

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