The dreamy guide in creating a stylish kitchen in 6 easy steps

Thinking about redecorating your kitchen or makings a new one in a recent purchased home? Well, we created an easy guide in making a dreamy kitchen in just six steps. Check it out and start dreaming about your perfect kitchen space:

1. Think about a dreamy color for your cabinets

Pastel colors and anything that has a relaxing or elegant vibe is an excellent choice for this space. This season, blue in all its shades from pastel blue to navy blue is really popular and versatile and goes with any kitchen style that you pick for your home.

2. Add a French chic dining space in this space

Create the bistro feeling in a small kitchen by adding a round dining space with elegant and cool chairs. Decorate this space with candles, flowers and plan a romantic evening in this dreamy area of your kitchen.

3. Choose open shelves

Open shelves are very popular now, bringing a relaxing and darling farmhouse vibe to this interior. Pick wooden shelves and add your pretties dishes, mugs and kitchen jars on them, along with plants, framed pictures and cute deco items that have food as the main theme.

4. Add a dreamy kitchen island

If you have a big kitchen then you should definitely pick a gorgeous kitchen island made out of marble or wood. Also style it with fresh flowers and beautiful kitchen utensils and start making new recipes in this dreamy area of your home.

5. Decorate this space with gorgeous details

A colorful printed rug works wonder in a kitchen space, especially if you pick one with ethno motifs. Also, to make everything more bohemian and chic add small green plants on open shelves and places them around your dreamy kitchen.

6. Pick statement lamps

The lights you pick for your kitchen creates a statement in this room and really shapes it up. You can pick identical cool lamps for your dining area or kitchen island or add a trendy mid-century chandelier in the middle of this splendid interior. Don’t think simple when it comes to this room, statement lamps fit perfectly the kitchen space, making it look like an elegant living room.

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