Small bath ideas

The improvement of a small bathroom can be regarded as a complex strategy game: the tile and faience must be chosen in a pleasant, but not very dark shade (in order not to reduce the already restricted space), the shower room must be comfortable and roomy enough to make you feel comfortable, but small enough not to occupy the whole bathroom.

The tile should be darker than the faience. My advice is to choose a color and use a darker shade for the bottom of the camera and a lighter variation of it for the top. If you like strong colors such as red, yellow or orange, you should try to temper them with neutral shades. White or black works great in delimiting spaces.

If you have a small bath, forget the dream of a huge bathtub! Space should be used as smartly as possible, and a shower cabinet or a head fitted with walls are much better solutions if you do not have too much space available.

Source: homedecordesigns

An important tip is not to choose bathroom furniture in the same color as tile and faience. To get a spectacular and fair effect, combine a strong color with a neutral or pastel.

Source: goodnewsarchitecture

As much as possible, opt for hanging furniture. Take a look inside the closet and make sure they have different organizational accessories, very useful if you want to save space.


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