How to Achieve a Glam Theme in Your Home

One of the biggest design trends of 2018 is the glam look. This trend mixes classic, Hollywood glam, with modern influences to create a gorgeous style that many will love. Glam style combines chic neutrals, luscious fabrics and eye-catching metallics to create an elegant look with nods to old Hollywood. The glam style is used to highlight your own personality and incorporating this into your home will be sure to catch the eye of many. If you are thinking of giving your home a makeover and fancy incorporating one of 2018’s most influential trends, glam, into the theme, then be sure to carry on reading for our tips and tricks on how you can achieve this look.

Go with Neutrals

When you are incorporating the glam theme into your home, the first thing that you will want to do is decide on your colour scheme. If you are opting for a glam theme, we would recommend that you opt for layered neutrals and you will find that this is the foundation for most rooms with a glam theme to them. Opting for shades of white, cream, and grey create an understated look but make for an alluring backdrop. We would also recommend choosing this for many of your interior items such as your rugs, curtains and walls as this will all help to coincide with the neutral backdrop that will be the foundation for your glam home.

Although your home will mainly be neutrals with the glam theme, this does not then mean you can not include any colour in your home whatsoever. We would merely suggest that you are a little more selective with the pops of colour that you choose. You can include accent colours on your furniture and accessories and colours that we feel ideally suit the glam theme are black and white, pastels, monochromatic and jewel tones.

When it comes to choosing large elements of your home interior, here you can opt for something a little bolder that fits in with the glam theme. Using upholstery on items such as your headboard can create a luxurious and soft look, so go for pieces that are embellished with tufting and decorative trimming. Why not head on over to Fashion Interiors where you can purchase made to measure curtains and cushions, having them specially made with your chosen fabric? You can choose a material and style with an added touch of glam such as a decorative trim to really add a gorgeous finishing touch to the room.

Add a Touch of Sparkle

While neutrals form the foundation of a glam room, what really set this style apart from other trends is the glitz and sparkle as this is the real heart of this theme and where you can have the most fun with it.

A bright trend for 2018 with the glam theme is mirrored furniture. We would recommend that you incorporate mirrored furniture sparingly as too much can start to look a little overwhelming. However, what you can overload on is metallics! When you are choosing furniture for your room, if you would rather stay from the mirrored pieces, we would instead recommend that you opt for glam items featuring metallic accents such as a metallic surface, frame or trim. You will want to opt for pieces that are sleek in their design to continue the glam feel to your home.

Finally, when you are adding touches of sparkle to your room, you will want to carefully choose the type of lighting that you want. In bedroom, living rooms and dining rooms, the perfect option to go for is a stunning chandelier. This can add not only sparkle to your room but also a luxurious feel. If your room does not feel large enough for a chandelier, opt for another glam style lighting that is not on a wire and sits closer to the ceiling. You can also get glam floor lighting and table lamps to complete your glam room theme.

Another great way to add a touch of glam to your room is to choose a luxurious looking mirror. Mirrors are an excellent way to not only add a glam feel to your room, but they will also help to open up the space and make it feel much more spacious. This is a fantastic way to add the finishing touch of glamorous décor and we would recommend that you opt for a mirror featuring ornate detailing on the corners to tie in with the rest of your room.

Incorporating Old Hollywood Glam

The glam theme originates from the iconic, old Hollywood glam and this glitz is what will provide the eye-catching finishing touches in your home. We would suggest that you opt for items with ornate embellishments and when you are choosing different textiles, we would recommend that you opt for textures that ooze plushness such as faux fur and velvet. To enhance the opulent style of this theme, choosing furniture with geometric patterns and sculptural lines is a must as this will really help to improve the theme.

Our Top Tips When Creating Glam Interior Design Looks

Now, let’s take you through some of our personal top tips that will help you achieve a beautiful glam interior design look in your home.

Our first top tip would be to splurge on one more significant piece of furniture. This could be a gorgeous corner sofa in your living room, a large dining room table or an upholstered headboard in your bedroom. This furniture can have cool detailing on it too such as nail head which will make it the focal point of your room.

Our second interior design tip to achieve a glam look in your home is to mix and match your décor. Of course, we don’t mean just mix together any old colours as they should coordinate with your existing theme such as mirrored and metallic elements. When this is combined with the neutral foundation of your room it will create a gorgeous but balanced look.

Our third tip is to ensure that you have as much light entering the room as you possibly can. As we previously mentioned, our favourite way in which to do this is through hanging stunning chandeliers and large table lamps.

Finally, our last tip would be to try and keep your home decluttered to allow the glam style elements of your rooms to shine. So, in saying that, try to keep the decorative accents in your room sparse so as not to completely overwhelm your room as it can quickly become too much with the glam theme.

Are you ready to get rid of the old and start afresh with the glam theme in your home? Make sure you incorporate our tops tips into your interior design when you are planning how to feature this in every room to create a luxurious, sophisticated, and, of course, glamorous feel that will be the envy of everyone who visits your home. Try them out today and see first-hand how they can transform a room.


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