9 simple ways for saving money on backyard renovation

Staying holed up at home during the winters edges close to melancholy. After all, you can’t do much by the dim glow of the lamp with a steaming cup of coffee in your hand. There’s either a good book or a good TV show to accompany you. However, now that summer has arrived in its full might, there’s little to worry about this particular winter image painted above.

The weather is good for barbequing and socializing in your yard. Moreover, it’s also an excellent time to get started with any backyard renovations that you might have in mind. Homeowners in the US invest about an average $10,646 on their patio landscaping projects. The average mid-range sum spent on these projects is marked at $8,349.

But, the amount that you invest in backyard remodeling is entirely up to you. Budget restrictions can be a bummer, but you can always get a bang for your buck if you take cost-effective steps.

Here are some simple tips for saving money on backyard renovation:

1. Prepare a clear plan of what you what

This is the most important step before digging into any home improvement project. Visualize the space and map out how you would like to renovate it. A well chalked-out design plan will lay the foundation for a stress-free construction project.

It also means that you only get the stuff, for instance, potted plants, that you require. This is a good means of saving money on getting renovating material that you don’t need. Moreover, a complete backyard design plan gives you a rough idea of the money that it will need to come to live.

2. Get quotes for a backyard makeover

If you have a big landscaping project in mind such as building a swimming pool, then the work can be costly. You will want to select a contractor carefully. Be sure to get a price estimate of all that you want to be done by multiple contractors such as Terra Nova Landscaping.

You need to give details of the work that the contractor will be doing to get a full estimate. It’s possible that you miss a detail or two and the contractor may prepare a bill that’s higher than the estimate. Don’t hesitate to negotiate with the contractor for a reasonable price.

3. Consider the DIY backyard renovation option

You don’t have to remodel your backyard completely on your own. However, you can pair both the professional as well DIY option. When it comes to landscaping, some tasks carry a lot of risks. For instance, electrical tasks and works involving major equipment like electrical tools, power saws, and more can be seriously dangerous.

You can only take these into your hands if you are experienced and qualified to use the tools. However, you can handle other backyard remodeling tasks yourself. For example, water features like pond liners and pumps are easy to install by hand. Therefore, you can let the contractor do the heavy work and deal with the rest yourself.

4. Repair and repaint fence

If the fencing is ruining the look of your yard, you don’t need to worry about replacing it. Tearing down the entire fence equates to a lot of expense. A budget-friendly alternative is to repair and repaint the sections in your fence that are not so good looking. A fresh layer of paint can help the fence look new.

5. Restore old furniture

Changing weather conditions can leave their imprint on your outdoor furniture. Don’t spend large sums on new furniture as part of your renovation plan. Instead, restore old furniture. DIY website, Diggerslist’s Skaie Knox adds to this. Knox suggests, “Take that old wood table or bench and clean it, sand it down, then revitalize it with colorful outdoor paint or stain.”

6. Save money with water conservation

Be mindful that some plants sip in more water than the others, which is what brings us to saving money on water. You can decorate your yard with the help of drought-resistant plants that don’t need much water. Subsequently, you would be able to bring down your water bills. Essentially, this approach to gardening is called xeriscaping.

7. Get cheap and native plants

You can also stick with your budget by buying cheap and native plants. One source of buying cheap plants are supermarkets. Just be sure not to invest in plants that are not healthy. If you have scant knowledge about healthy plants, then go to the store with someone who knows about the subject. Also, get native plants as these are easier to maintain in contrast to foreign plants.

8. Go for eco-landscaping for remodeling your backyard

Eco-landscaping is one of the leading landscaping trends prevailing in the current year. This design scheme is low-maintenance and helps save time, energy, and money too. It’s your pick if you don’t know the ABC of gardening and don’t have the budget to invest in any professionals either. You can design by adding rocks, gravel, or stones beside eco-friendly plants like grasses and succulents.


9. Hardscape doesn’t have to be costly

You don’t have to spend heavily on the hardscape. Modern water features are easy to install for do-it-yourselfers. With some stones and a bit of effort, you can also build small waterfalls. Or, you can make a clay pot fountain. You can lay your stone walkways yourself too. Moreover, building brick patios in the sand is also an easy option.

Key takeaway

Summing up, you don’t need to break the bank when it comes to backyard renovation or your other home renovation loan projects. Instead, you can save your money by selecting a contractor that doesn’t cost a fortune and by taking on some work yourself. Repair your fence and repaint it to give it a new look. Get native and cheap plants. Or, go for eco-landscaping and xeriscaping that are low-maintenance options. You can also save by restoring old furniture for the outdoor setting instead of getting a new one.


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