8 Seventies inspired spaces that get you ready for fall

This season the seventies vibes are more popular than ever and this is a well know fact also for the interior deco world. The beautiful seventies go perfectly with autumn and they have the perfect shades to match a nostalgic fall. So here are eight dreamy seventies inspired spaces that are perfect for this fall:

1. Colorful mood

Bring color to any interior by picking velvet seventies inspired furniture in beautiful colors such as green, yellow or orange. Match them with bold art in daring colors and create a seventies interior with eclectic vibes that’s perfect for a creative fall.

2. Blue days

Pick a seventies inspired chandelier that will bring a glam vibe into a fall space along with a beautiful velvet couch. Add also artistic pictures around the room in funky colors and also decorate your living room corners with oversized plants.

3. Art deco love

Choose pink as the main color for your bedroom or living room and add geometric inspired pictures from the seventies around the room. Don’t forget some vintage lamps and velvet furniture in beautiful pastel colors such as pink. Everything will have a dreamy calm and nostalgic feeling.

4. Pastel fun

Create a pastel game in any room of your home and pick seventies inspired furniture in a lovely pastel shade. We love the calm blue, the darling pink or the happy pale yellow, shades that create a magic room that’s desperate for new memories.

5. New day

For an elegant seventies inspired bedroom pick a black or brown wooden bed or one with a dark velvet bed line and add around it a seventies nightstand with a mid century lamp, artistic framed pictures and a dreamy statement mirror.

6. Vintage vibes

Combine seventies furniture with a cool lamp with a minimal design and a lot of vintage artistic pictures. You will get a very stylish mix and the perfect scenario from a fall living room.

7. Chill moment

Make a beautiful seventies bedroom by adding fantastic design elements from that era that bring an authentic look to this stylish space. Pick a butterfly leather chair, a creative nightstand and a beautiful statement mirror with a golden frame. As for the colors, combine green and brown with neutrals and you will love the autumn feeling this room will get.

8. Glorious nook

Pick a seventies inspired cozy chair and make this your perfect fall nook. Add around it a seventies lamp and pictures with stars from the glorious seventies era. You will love to sit and relax in this retro space that can have also a boho touch if you have a lot of tiny plants around it. Dreamy, right?

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